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Kpop is more popular than ever – and rightly so. Because the downright addictive melodies and the elaborate and sophisticated choreography make this genre something very special!

Accordingly, Kpop merchandise and items are sought after, also for Kawaii fans & cosplayers. If you are also looking for really attractive Kpop items, then our store is right for you. Because we have a huge assortment of lovingly selected merchandise. All products are high quality, original and attractively priced, whether streetwear, Kpop merch or cosplay. Follow us also on Instagram 😉

What is Kpop?

Our team of passionate Kpop fans and real fashionistas selects all offered clothing and merchandise items by hand and checks quality and price-performance ratio.
A little bit about Kpop
K-Pop (Korean Popular Music) is a collective term for all Korean-language pop music. The music genre developed in the 1990s in the Korean music world as a counterpart to Japanese J-pop and quickly established itself. Incidentally, the roots of modern Kpop are said to go back as far as the 1930s, when Korea was still under Japanese rule. Artistic expression was forbidden to Koreans during the colonial period. Then, between 1950 and 1960, when U.S. troops held concerts to introduce South Koreans to Western culture, this inspired Koreans to form their own young bands based on the American model. However, as already mentioned, Kpop only became really popular in the 1990s.
Since 2000, people have been talking about Hallyu, the Korean wave. Although Kpop bands were initially particularly successful in Asian countries, such as South Korea, China, Japan and Indonesia, the music has now also spread to North and South America, Europe and parts of Africa.
A very famous example is the famous catchy tune Gangnam Style with the great music video or also the boy band Bantang Boys (BTS).
Of course, there is one obstacle when listening to K-Pop, and that is language. However, this obstacle is compensated by the catchy melodies, great rhythms and incredibly elaborate and smart choreographies. Because for these reasons, it's still great to listen to the music, watch the videos or dance yourself.

Bangtan Boys are in the House

Kpop band are usually boy bands or girl bands, only in very rare cases the bands are mixed.
The genre integrates elements of hip-hop, electropop, R'n'B, rock, pop, rap and soul, and thus appeals to a very broad spectrum of fans.
Especially striking is the perfect styling of the band members. Instruments are not provided and everything is about dancing and the great choreographies.
The songs often have English titles and multiple English verses, so fans around the world can sing along with at least a few stelae. The lyrics are rather simple and revolve around themes like love, friendship and family. But sex and parties (or celebrations) can also happen. The visual style of Kpop is very colorful, flashy, crazy and shrill.
Most groups consist of four to six young people, but larger groups with up to 13 members in some cases are also possible. The members are typically specially cast and then the band is perfectly prepared, styled and trained. Even if it is only talked about behind closed doors: Everyone knows that some of the artists have had plastic surgery.
Kpop merchandise in our store
Since the bands themselves are styled very elaborately and, above all, conspicuously, it is obvious that many fans would like to dress like that themselves. On the other hand, there are also lots of merchandise items, such as great hoodies, sportswear, t-shirts, etc.
In addition, you will of course find other Kpop merchandise products such as mugs, pendants, posters, gadgets and much, much more. Best you just look around in the store!