See aesthetic k-pop.

By now, most k-pop fans might be aware of the unique aesthetic k-pop to an extent. Be it appearance or visuals, k-pop aesthetics are an integral part of the Korean pop entertainment industry. 

From K-pop idols, stories, and messages to the color scheme, the Pop music entertainment industry follows an interesting set of principles.

aesthetic kpop


Being the ultimate k-pop fan is not easy. Whether you are an old k-pop fan or a new one, learning about Korean pop music and industry isn’t easy at all. You will have to put in a lot of effort initially to understand the basics of k-pop aesthetics more clearly.

Do you know where to get a k-pop light stick? Or do you know the meaning of “Stan” in k-pop? Read this article deeply to understand the basics of K-pop more easily. This article will help you understand all K-pop fan basics, Pop concepts, K-pop dance and K-pop bias, etc. 

So let’s get started!

Aesthetic k-pop: What do units, lines, and positions refer to in k-pop?

Korean pop groups are put into smaller divisions or sections. Such k-pop group division is what “lines” and “units” basically refer to as. In every “line” or “unit”, every k-pop group member has some specific role assigned to them. The significant role they play in the k-pop group is what refers to “position”. 

A “line” basically refers to those k-pop group members who coincidentally share any kind of similar attributes. “Lines” can range from having similar “positions”, last names, age, or else any fan-based similarities. The fan-based similarities are mainly what all the fans notice is similar between k-pop group members. Such as personality traits, facial expressions, energy levels, etc.

What kind of positions are assigned to K-pop group members?

K-pop group members are most commonly assigned positions such as: “the leader”, “the vocalist”, “the dancer”, “the rapper”, “the visual”, and “the maknae”. 

The Leader: The aesthetic K-pop position of “the leader” is mostly allotted to the oldest member in the k-pop group. He is the sole member of the K-pop group and is assigned the responsibility of taking charge of his k-pop group. He ensures that all the k-pop group members give their best performance every time. 

The Vocalist: The k-pop position called “the vocalist” is mostly allotted to any member of the k-pop group with exceptionally great singing skills and voice. The position can be assigned to the k-pop group lead member, k-pop group main member, or even the k-pop group’s sub-vocal. The main role of this k-pop position holder is to sing his heart out.

The Dancer: Just like the k-pop “the vocalist”, “the dancer” has to dance his heart out every time. He is often assigned the role of serving as the lead choreographer of the k-pop group. The k-pop “the dancer” position holder can be chosen amongst anyone from the k-pop group but with the best dancing skills.

The Visual: “The visual” aesthetic k-pop position holder is usually allotted the role of eye candy of the k-pop group. The most attractive member of the k-pop group is titled “the visual”. 

The Maknae: “The maknae” k-pop aesthetic position is usually assigned to the youngest member of any k-pop group. 

What do you mean by sub-units or sub-groups in k-pop?

Sub-groups mainly release music as well as operate under their main group. Some sub-groups or sub-units can even consist of k-pop artists from the same agency. These kinds of k-pop sub-unit groups are quite different from the usual groups. Usually, sub-groups are formed from members of the same group only.

A great example of a k-pop sub-group division is that of Red Velvet. The formation of Red Velvet’s sub-unit called IRENE & SEULGI is a “unit”. Fans popularly call this “unit” division “SEURENE”. It has been formed from the members of the same or main group.

aesthetic kpop


A great example of a sub-group division from members of the same agency is that of YG Entertainment’s MOBB. The famous sub-unit comprises members like WINNER’s Mino and iKON’s Bobby. 

So, there you have it! The essential aesthetic k-pop that all k-pop fans should be accustomed to. We hope we could help you gain a better understanding of the aesthetic k-pop through this informational article.