K-Pop has become truly a global sensation. Korean culture has hit the world hard in a good way. US and European countries have become obsessed with Korean Pop Music (K-Pop) and Korean Beauty trends (K-Beauty).

K-Pop idols and artists started to become famous in Asian countries in 2003. But it was not until 2012 till the world listened to the classic ‘Gangnam Style’ and the K-Pop craze got exposed to the rest of the world. Since then, K-Pop has become a worldwide sensation due to its crazy choreography, slick melodies, and charismatic south Korean pop bands and artists. They are surely making the music that people love to listen to!

Apart from the artistic touch and soul-satisfying music, K-Pop culture has visually been appealing to its fans all over the world. The way K-Pop idols have embodied Korean fashion trends has made the fans obsessed with their looks. Fans love to copy their looks.

Vibrant colors, multi-layered dresses, trendy jackets, and slick footwear have been the symbolic K-Pop look. The K-Pop look has never been limited to a trend or influenced by any culture. It has its unique blend which changes from time to time. Fans have to be on their toes to observe the sudden yet visible changes in the looks of their favorite K-Pop idol.

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Here we will guide you through some steps which you can follow to dress up like your favorite K-Pop Star!

K-Pop Star
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1.    Observe Your Idol and Come Up with a Theme

The fundamental step is to either closely observe your K-Pop idol or come up with your own theme. At first, it may seem like the coolest K-Pop idols just put on a combination of random pieces on themselves, but if you look closely, in the end, it all makes sense together. You can either start by just copying their cool combinations or make one of your own creative combos. It’s better to observe the overall style of a K-Pop star to stay close to the original identity of K-Fashion.

The trends change quickly, and fans are really on their toes in order to keep up with the newest trends. Sexy, kiddie, geeky, or bad guy looks are the most common.

2.    Mix it All!

Don’t be afraid to mix it all up. At first, it may seem hazardous and messy. But as we mentioned before, in the end, it all comes together. Mixing different genres, conventional styles and colors can surprisingly work. Ever seen someone pulling off a party dress and a camouflage-print jacket together? Yes, the mishmash is cool.

3.    Don’t Forget to Layer Your Wardrobe

One thing that has been common among K-Pop idols for years is layered clothing. Perhaps it enables them to create a completely new look using the same old pieces. Simply mixing and matching tops, old and new bottoms, skirts, and printed and multicolored t-shirts create a completely new look without having to invest a lot. This also leads to a unique blend of colors and styles. Opt for all these bold colors, contrasts, and booming combinations as you like!

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4.    Undone Is Better!

It is important to understand one thing, K-Pop idols don’t look like they are coming off a fashion week or a ramp walk. They look incomplete yet sleek. If you want to look like your K-Pop idol, go for the clumsy, undone look instead of trying to achieve the perfect, polished look. The undone look includes colors that are solid (sludgy pink, dark brown, etc.). The look focuses more on the statement made by these colors instead of conventional bright colors.

polished look
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5.    Accessories are a Must

You will hardly see a K-Pop star without accessories. Stylish belts, chains, eyewear, and lots of makeup are the signature add-ons. Tons of shiny supplements and loud accessories are hard to pull off, but if you have the confidence, then nothing is forbidden for you. K-Pop style is more about making a statement and being yourself.

6.    2C’s – Cuteness and Colors

The more the colors, the better. K-Pop idols seem to be obsessed with bright colors and cute prints. Opt for sleek prints and avoid tie-dye shirts. You don’t want yourself to end up looking like a hippie from the 70s. When it comes to fashion sense, K-Pop idols are different from the hip-hop artists of the 70s. The uncoordinated and unkempt look of modern K-Pop idols is distinctive and unique. The two C’s of K-Pop need to be properly addressed when embodying yourself as one!

Cuteness and Colors
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7.    Get the Haircut

The haircut trend has been the one thing that has majorly changed over the years. For men, it has changed from sharp spikes to step cuts to puff. Now we see all the sharp cuts with different dyes. Pink, green and white dyes are super popular among the K-Stars. For girls, bob cuts, ponytails, and layered cuts have been the chic styles.

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8.    Don’t mix it with J-Pop!

Surprising but true. Fans often mix Japanese Pop Fashion with Korean. Japanese fashion is funkier and hipper, whereas the K-Fashion has always been classier and trendier. K-Pop idols have managed to find a fine margin between the unpleasant over-brightness and creativeness.

9.    Makeup is the Key

Surely, your K-Pop look is incomplete without makeup. For both guys and girls, makeup is what exaggerates the look. For girls, the K-Makeup is quite sharp and overdone. Dramatic eyeliner and a lot of foundation with colored lips and gloss are used to get a vibrant look. For guys, it is kept simple. Use a light BB cream in order to get the natural-looking complexion. Slight lip gloss and mascara may work too.

All You Need to Know About Dressing Up Like Your Favorite K-Pop Idol 10


One thing to take away from all these tips is that nothing is a lot in K-Pop fashion. There is always room to try something more and be a little extra because it all comes under the definition of natural in K-Fashion. Another important feature to have is a swagger.  It’s all in the attitude. The right concept and the attitude to pull it off go hand-in-hand. Be confident, be unique and be you!