The K-Universe has taken the world by storm. You must have heard about how addictive K-Dramas and K-Music (K-Pop) are. Well, Korean Fashion is not far behind. The rise of Korean fashion is slowly influencing every part of the world. It began as a mere adaptation of western styles and clothing during the early 1950s soon after the Second World War. However, it was not until the 70s that local designers and artists instigated unique and distinctive trends.

Today, contemporary Korean fashion has become the symbol of the Korean entertainment industry. Together with Korean music, beauty products, and dramas, Korean fashion has made an impact on the world. The correlation among these industries is a true representation of the importance of traditional values in Korea.

Numerous Korean fashion brands have now opened in different parts of the world. It seems that each of these brands sells the same kind of clothes. However, it is worth mentioning that such coherence and simplicity have been the true essence of Korean traditions.

This article will tell you all about what makes Korean fashion different from other fashion trends and will guide you through the styling tips.

Korean Fashion

The more the layers, the better!

Not covering your upper body properly is still frowned upon in Korea. If you don’t want to attract stares in public, then avoid exposing your back and stomach while being in Korea. However, the trend of crop tops and cold shoulders is slowly starting to become popular.

Layers are your friends in Korea. Don’t worry about not being able to dress the way you want in Korea – the addition of layers to your clothing is a style that hardly anyone dislikes. Combine your t-shirt or a shirt with a turtleneck and don’t be afraid pair it with denim. Asymmetric designs and diverse textures are very popular in Korean fashion.

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There is no harm in being experimental, so try different combinations from your wardrobe and don’t be afraid to play around!

the layers

Oversized clothing is not a problem

As much as Koreans love intricate designs and patterns, baggy and oversized clothing is quite cherished in Korea. Koreans are not a fan of exposing their figures and wearing skintight dresses. Creation of decent silhouette is however preferred by a combination of an oversized and a skintight item. This way, a solid and distinctive look is created. You can either combine your tight tops with a loose pair of bottoms or throw on a baggy sweater with a tennis skirt.

Flare up your style game with Korean fashion as unlikely combinations appear to work in Korea. Oversized sweaters and sweatshirts might not be a good fashion choice in the west; however, the case is different in Korea. Complement your baggy look with the right pair of sneakers to finish the look!

Oversized clothing

Show-off those legs!

There are no surprises that Koreans love short bottoms. The trend of mini and tennis skirts truly originated from Korea. As much as they dislike exposing their upper bodies, Korean girls do not hold back when it comes to showing off their legs. Korean dramas depict the true picture of how much Korean girls love to wear short bottoms. Couple your skirt with any kind of top depending on your mood.

Wear a high-waisted skirt with a tucked-in shirt to balance out your waist shape and length of your legs. Couple an A-line or sporting skirt with an oversized sweater or style denim shorts with a printed tee and sneakers. All of these options are quite popular. Korean women really love to walk around confidently in combinations we don’t often get to see!

Korean Fashion

Bold Colors

Colors are the key to any style and look. However, Korean fashion takes it up a notch. Eccentric yet fascinating combinations can make your look dashing. The blend of colors in a Korean outfit at first may seem a little extra or surprising, but one can easily become addicted to such bright outfits.

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Unicolor outfits with just different shades from top to bottom are also quite common in Korea. Imagine a light-shaded bottom combined with a jacket of a bolder shade of same color. Koreans in particular are not afraid of adding bold colors in their outfits. Seoul fashion week, which is one of Korea’s biggest fashion weeks, showcases a lot of sharp-colored outfits worn by famous K-Pop artists and K-Drama celebrities.

Koreans love patterns

Korean fashion doesn’t lack prints and patterns. T-shirts have graphic designs, stripes, pastels and what not. Inspired by the true contemporary western fashion, patterned and checkered clothes are loved by the Koreans. Unisex patterned outfits are the go-to pick. Coupling a graphic tee with a ruffled skirt, ankle boots and a trendy cap is a cool Korean elf look.

A cool way to twin with your partner, friend or a sibling is by wearing the same kind of patterned or printed dress. You will find a lot of couples twinning in same graphic printed or patterned look!

Korean Fashion

The winter look

You must have seen Koreans in fur overcoats and thick oversized jackets. A truely huggable look makes Korean fashion delicate and comfortable at the same time. The summer trends include shirt dresses with tinted eyeglasses. On the other hand, sharp blend of colors, intricate designs and cuts, soft fabrics and modern yet classy collection of jackets and coats have taken the winter fashion by storm.

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From knee length coats paired with long boots, to patterned bomber jacket with geometric designs – the Korean winter look is every style bundled together.

winter look - Korean Fashion

Don’t forget the accessories

While talking about all the nitty gritties of Korean fashion styles and looks, how can one forget about the accessories? Don’t think you can pull off a trendy Korean fashion look without harmonizing it with the right set of accessories.

Accessories can fire up your look. A right pair of eyeglasses, a hair band, jewelry, arm bands or chains and bracelets can totally spice your outfit. A modern look is incomplete without accessories but traditional Korean accessories are something that makes Korean style distinctive. This includes traditional royal hair accessories for women. Each of these accessories used to have noble and special meanings behind them. These seem to have truly inspired modern Korean accessories too.

Similarly, head gear such as a beanie, bucket hat or any other sporting cap can add finishing touches to your look. In short, it’s important for you to touch up your Korean fashion look with suitable and comfortable accessories.


Korean fashion is both unique yet all the same at one time. There is not a lot missing in this fashion and you may easily be able to find a style in Korean fashion that suits your personality and preference. It may seem a little too girly or flamboyant at first but it’s never too late to try out something new when it comes to fashion!