Know best dancers k-pop.

K-pop bands’ performance is not only about the songs or the music. Enchanting visuals also form the crux of their albums, making people glued to their seats. Dancing is one significant part of K-pop albums. Picking the Best Dancers K-pop is a tough choice to make, for there are numerous people out there. Dance is a part of their training, after all! 

Every K-pop star, be it from a band or an individual spends years honing themselves to present their best versions to the public. Nowadays, we can find several K-pop stars excelling in the moves and giving out their best. The following are some best dancers K-pop who are known for their elite presence and graceful dance moves on stage. 

best dancers kpop


Best dancers k-pop: EXO’s Kai

Acclaimed as a versatile dancer, Kai is a crucial part of the EXO band. He is recognised as one of the best dancers by several established choreographers and dancers. Kai is sure to be on the list of the Best Dancers K-pop for everyone. With his terrific moves and dominating presence, Kai allures everyone with his grace while dancing. He is said to be more convenient with modern dance forms, for he used to be in the ballet. Kai’s performance at the Olympics’ closing ceremony was one of his best to date. He combined traditional dance with modern twists to deliver this power-packed performance. 

SHINee’s Taemin

One sure name in the list of the best male K-pop dancers is Taemin from the SHINee band. He was one of the very first stars acclaimed for their dancing abilities in the Korean pop world. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Taemin surely stands out as the best dancer to date. Be it his grace, energy, or moves, everything about his dancing sets him way ahead of most others. Taemin is blessed with a style of his own, making a way to identify him even if he is dancing behind everyone. He is known for his precise and smooth moves that are wholly unique from the world. 

BTS’s J – Hope

J – Hope from the BTS band is also renowned for his versatile moves and hip-hop dancing. People following BTS videos would be aware of the diversity the band puts into the videos. Be it street jazz, disco, or anything else, BTS has one gem of a dancer-choreographer to rely upon. J – Hope takes care of every performance of BTS, being its main dancer. His best work can be seen in the ‘Boy Meets Evil’ video from the band. He is also known to have an instinct of learning choreography pretty easily. J – Hope has a history of street dancing but, he can pull off any style at ease in no time. 

Blackpink’s Lisa

Most people feel that no words can describe the dancing skills of Lisa from the Blackpink band. Being the lead dancer of Blackpink, she is responsible for every dance-based aspect of the band’s videos. She is a Thai K-pop rapper and has been the mentor for the 2nd and 3rd seasons of the Chinese Idol survival group. During childhood, Lisa is known to have worked with the BamBam dance crew. She is much appreciated for her ‘Lili’s Film’ video series in which she presented different dance-based routines created by established dancers and choreographers across the globe. 


Chungha is another reputed female dancer from the K-pop world. She was initially a part of the I.O.I band but, is now an individual star. She holds a major degree in dancing from Sejong University. Her iconic flexibility and graceful moves soon established Chungha as Best Dancers K-pop. Produce 101, an idol survival show, gave the world a taste of Chungha’s incredible freestyle dancing. She is also flexible with different dance types and does most of them effortlessly, including hip-hop and bubblegum pop. 

best dancers kpop


These are some best male and female K-pop dancers known to allure the audiences with their moves. Most people listed above are the crucial members and are in charge of their bands’ dance moves. They are known to compose their moves according to the beats and train the other members based on that.