Know about k-pop albums.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been way too unkind for all the fans when it comes to live concerts. The pandemic has taken away the opportunity from fans who would have never missed a chance to see their idol perform live. But k-pop artists have been extremely generous despite all the negativity around them. K-pop stars have released many stellar and engaging k-pop albums in 2020 and 2021. So, here are the recommendations for all the crazy and newborn k-pop fans out there.

K-pop albums: Eyes Wide Open by Twice

Do you like listening to extremely energetic music? Then, the k-pop album called Eyes Wide Open by the k-pop girl group Twice will be a great source of music for you. The album will offer you the perfect energetic jolt every time you listen to this album. The album is pretty dramatic yet mature with the group members taking their music listeners on a rollercoaster ride of genres.

Eyes Wide Open by Twice


Map of the Soul:7 by BTS

BTS’s seventh-anniversary album, Map of the Soul: 7 is all about celebrating their music and world tour. The album is very special for BTS and BTS fans alike because it commemorates everything BTS has done or achieved so far. The exceptionally comforting single Dynamite is just a glimpse of the great music album. The songs on the album give every member of the famous k-pop album a chance to shine. 

7 by BTS


Fatal Love by Monsta X

Many people have an aching heart for listening to classical boy bands and Monsta X makes the right choice for them. Their recently released album Fatal Love showcases their true aggressive style yet sweet artistry pretty well. From groovy songs such as Nobody Else and Night View to a pump-up anthem such as Beastmode, the variety that the album delivers is no less than a music buffet.

Monsta X


Monster by Red Velvet

When it comes to ultimate upbeat music, there are no better k-pop artists to depict it than Red Velvet. The two popular Red Velvet group members, Irene and Seulgi, known as Seulrene by fans have come up with their hit k-pop album, Monster. With some sultry themes, the album’s hit singles Naughty and Monster, their charismatic tone and captivating lyrics make the listeners ask for more. The album is Seulrene’s first release but not their last one.

Red Velvet


Minisode1: Blue Hour by Tomorrow X Together

Through the album 4 Minisode1: Blue Hour, the famous k-pop boy band Tomorrow X Together a.k.a. TXT captures the period around twilight and much more. The album aims to capture music enthusiasts through mesmerizing pop-rock euphoria, upbeat music, and much more.

Minisode1 kpop albums


Their album voices a complex set of emotions that most people usually find themselves entangled in. Their music certainly makes the best choice for k-pop album lovers and fans in 2020, 2021, and the years to come.

Super One by SuperM

Super One is one-of-a-kind k-pop albums artists have taken inspiration from the Covid-19 lockdown. But the unique fact about the customers’ choice album is that it has not based its songs on the pandemic at all. The bilingual album makes the absolute choice because of its exhilarating dance numbers, heart-turning, and soulful music pieces. Listening to Super One by SuperM will surely leave you positive amidst the growing chaos of the ever-escalating pandemic.



In Life by Stray Kids

One of the most amazing k-pop albums, In Life, is an album that begins from where Stray Kids’ previous album left off. The album’s hit singles hold on to strong emotions and their expression to provide people with some kind of psychological relief. The k-pop male band’s outpouring of energy will help their fans and listeners explore more than new facets of music. The album has some perfect slow-paced soundtracks to take their listeners by surprise unlike before.

Stray Kids kpop albums


So, there you have it! The top 7 Korean pop albums have taken over the global music industry by storm. Go on! Listen your heart out and get ready to find your favorite music idols today