See some K-pop fashion men below.

K-pop stars have a unique way of impressing the entire world with their looks. Be it live performances, TV shows, or airport looks, K-pop fashion men stand out from the rest. Simple, classy, elegant, street and various other styles combine to form stunning looks. Do you know that most male stars from Korean Pop have personal stylists for different looks? That is how particular they are! 

K-pop stars include sneakers, backpacks, and different other accessories as a part of their looks. The K-pop fashion men vary by mixing up different things and bringing them all together based on the occasion. We often wonder how these men effortlessly carry any accessories based on their outfits! Moreover, every K-pop star is renowned for pulling off every look with sleekness and confidence.

Kpop Fashion Men

Well, here is a peek into the K-pop fashion men to create different looks and styles. 

Must-Haves in K-pop Fashion Men

Let’s first begin with some similar accessories from K-pop men’s styling. If you notice their looks, you can understand that certain things are always a part of their looks, irrespective of the occasion and outfit. They are as follows: 

1. Sneakers

There are various cases when a K-pop star wore a pair of sneakers, and they were all sold out immediately. Well, shoes are a quintessential part of K-pop styling. We rarely find a male K-pop star not wearing sneakers or any kind of shoes. Such is the prominence of sneakers in K-pop men’s styling. 

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2. Ripped Black Jeans

A male Korean pop star’s look is incomplete without a pair of jeans. Skinny jeans are often preferred by most men for almost every occasion. Moreover, ripped black jeans with skin-fit are probably an iconic part of K-pop fashion men. These go incredibly well for anything and anywhere. 

3. Round Glasses

K-pop men have cute smiles and lovely noses. A pair of round glasses resting on the nose add to their enchanting smiles. Most K-pop men usually have multiple pairs of glasses. They use them according to the outfits, the look they are going for, and appear slim. 

4. Clutch Bags

Hauling around the suitcase lives is one common routine for K-pop stars. If they are free from that, most men prefer a minimalist lifestyle through accessories like clutch bags. These are simple, slim, and stylish, allowing K-pop men to carry everything in just a single bag. We find different idols carrying clutch bags now and then. Some people also prefer backpacks for enhanced comfort. 

If you are a genuine follower of Korean fashion, you’d know that K-pop men prefer comfort over anything else. Be it suits, casuals, or streetwear, these men prefer contemporary styles instead of relying on slim-fit clothes. Monochrome outfits, plaids, and stripes, puffer jackets, etc., are some styles that are part of K-pop men’s styling. One intriguing aspect about these stars is, that they carry pastel colors like Pink with elegance. There is nothing like feminine colors here. 

As we mentioned above, there are various similarities among K-pop men in terms of fashion. Either the choice of outfits or the accessories, every star has a unique way of carrying the look elegantly despite the similarities. They have a charm that makes people identify the stars at just a glance. A biker touch to street styling, authentic denim, reworked jackets, and several other clothing styles add to K-pop men’s wardrobes and give them unmissable looks. 

Kpop Fashion Men

Gucci is the most preferred brand for K-pop male outfits. Blindness, 87MM, BESLOW, etc., are some popular clothing brands preferred by K-pop men apart from Gucci. K-pop men play with different outfits like leather jackets, puffed sleeves, eccentric prints, floral designs, funky sweaters, and sharp-cut jackets based on the occasion. Moreover, some bands have their iconic looks created by reputed stylists. As in, bands like BTS have a specific way of styling, unique to themselves. Such things have a significant impact on the world. People can easily figure out which star is walking in front of them and the band he belongs to. 

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