K-pop Idols’ birthdays are important to their fans. Being a k-pop fan is not an easy thing. There are so many contents to catch up including k-pop Idols’ birthdays. If you have been following the k-pop community for a while, you probably know how fans celebrate the birthdays of their favorite idols.

Today, we will be talking about the different things fans do to celebrate their favorite k-pop Idols’ birthdays. From putting up public advertisements to organizing a charity program, they do all sorts of things to make their birthdays special.

kpop idols birthdays

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The celebration of k-pop idols’ birthdays is no joke, especially in South Korea. They do all of these things out of love for their idols. 

How do fans celebrate the k-pop Idols’ birthdays?

In this section, we will be sharing some of the different things fans prepare and do to celebrate the k-pop Idols’ birthdays.

Volunteer work

Celebrating k-pop Idols’ birthdays doesn’t always mean cutting cakes or decorating the billboards with big pictures. Fans also get involved in volunteering work that comes in various forms. It is their way of contributing and giving back to society.

To give you a brief idea, some volunteer groups organized by fans work to donate blood, plant trees, or clean the streets. They do all these activities in the name of the k-pop idol.

Donation activities

Volunteer work is not the only way fans give back to society. They also organize donation events and even collaborate with various organisations under the name of the k-pop idols. They work with UNICEF, and other NGOs to raise money for the needy.

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In South Korea, it is very common to see fans organizing donating events or collecting money to contribute to society. They make a pact with different organizations that help provide daily necessities to the poor. During the winter, fans also contribute warm clothes and coal to poor families.

Special café events

Numerous cafés in South Korea host special birthday events. Fans visit some of these café events to celebrate the birthday of their favorite k-pop idols.

They decorate the café with beautiful stuff and pictures of the idol. You can even redeem some freebies after making an order. These special events give you the chance to meet with other fans as well. It’s like a small get-together event for the fans.


One of the most popular ways of celebrating the birthdays of k-pop idols is by putting up display ads at the subway station and bus stops. You will also notice big pictures of idols being displayed on billboards. These sights are very common on the streets of South Korea. Fans also head down to these locations to click pictures.

kpop idols birthdays

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Besides the billboard and bus station ads, many fans also put up ads on YouTube! For instance, a short ad will show for about 15 seconds before the start of a video. This is mainly targeted at international fans so that they can see the ads.

Cinema hall decorations

Fans also go to the extent of decorating the entire cinema hall with pictures of their favorite k-pop idol. This is one of the creative ways of showing their love and admiration for their idols.

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In South Korea, sometimes, they also change the theatre name to the idol’s name. They do all these special things just to make the birthday celebration of the idol grand.

Newspaper/magazine ads

Another form of advertisement that goes around during a k-pop idol’s birthday is newspaper/magazine ads. 

They put up birthday celebration images and messages on magazine covers and in newspapers. Many fans cut them out to keep them as a souvenir.

The fan meet-up events

There are places in South Korea, where they organize fan meet-ups to celebrate the birthday of their favorite idol. Fans attend these meet-ups to take part in the celebration. This gives them the chance to meet other fans.

These types of events are fun to attend. Sometimes, these meet-ups are also covered by the media.

K-pop fans are loyal and very much dedicated to their idols. They do so many things to make their idol’s birthday special and happening.