See k-pop idols without makeup.

For K-pop idols putting on makeup and looking flawless is a part of their daily routine. Whether they are performing or not, they always like to stay ready. However, this doesn’t imply that they don’t look good without makeup. Many K-pop stars have naturally flawless skin and look even without makeup. They mainly use makeup to enhance their facial features such as eyes, lips, and jawline. But today, we are here to talk about the top 5 K-pop idols without makeup. 

The Korean pop stars listed below look more beautiful in their natural state. They prove the statement that one doesn’t always need makeup to look good.

Here you go with the list: K-pop idols without makeup


Born on 6th November 1992, Yura is one of the highly recognised K-pop stars in Korea. Her birth name is Kim-Ah-Young, but she is popularly known as Yura. Besides singing, she also has a talent for acting. Worked in movies such as Boss in Love, and Days in a summer.

She is admired by her fans not just for her singing skills, but also for her looks. One of those k-pop idols who look good even without makeup. If you Google K-pop idols without makeup you will see Yura’s name showing in the results. You can check out the no-makeup look in the picture below.


Kim Ji-soo or Jisso is a famous Korean singer who has gained international fame after her debut with Blackpink. Her sweet voice and beautiful face are enough to sweep anyone off their feet.

Jisoo was born on January 3, 1995, in Gunpo, Gyeonggi, South Korea. This 26-year-old K-pop singer has rocked the entire nation with her unique singing skills and looks. She is often spotted flaunting her no-makeup look on social media. Besides being a talented singer, she is also into acting and has worked in a few Korean movies.


Jennie is another Blackpink member who looks flawless in a no-makeup look. Her full name is Jennie Kim and was born on 26th January 1996. This 25-year-old beauty is an amazing rapper and is followed by millions of people for her style. She is one of those rare beauties who look gorgeous, naturally. 

Many of you may not know but she spent five years in New Zealand for her studies. After returning to her home country, she debuted with Blackpink and soon gained a lot of popularity. Today, people look up to her for her amazing rapping skills and beauty. She is an inspiration for millions of young girls who want to be like her. She makes one of the best examples of flawless beauty.

Kpop idols without makeup



There is hardly any K-pop fan who doesn’t know who Hwasa is. She is a member of the famous girl group Mamamoo. Hwasa’s real name is AhnHye-Jin, but she likes to go by her stage name. Born on July 23, 1995, she gained immense popularity at a very young age. 

She is one of the most talented members of Mamamoo. From singing to rapping, songwriter to composing, she does it all. Besides that, she has also appeared as a television personality many times. Because of her stunning looks and height, she has also tried her charm in the modeling industry. She has the kind of personality that can easily make even tough guys fall for her.


We don’t think IU needs any introduction. IU or Lee Ji-Eun is one of the most beautiful solo singers in South Korea. She is not only loved by her fans but also admired by other K-pop groups. She was born in 1993 and debuted her song at a very young age. 

Lee Ji-Eun is currently 28 years old and has already made a successful career for herself. If you want to know how K-pop idols without makeup look like, IU would be the perfect example.

Kpop idols without makeup


These top 5 Kpop idols prove that Korean artists don’t always need makeup to look beautiful. They are confident about their look and don’t shy away from showing their no-makeup face. This is why they are loved and followed by millions of people both inside and outside Korea.