See K-pop Inspired Outfits here. Organically emerged from the Southern part of Korea in the year 1990, k-pop gained immense popularity in the 2000 decade and that is the reason why there are so many followers of k-pop all over the world. It is not just because of the appealing music they create but Korean fashion is also a reason why people follow K-pop. Almost all the idols of k-pop are known to have a fashion statement of their own as they are all fashion icons. Read this post till the end to know more about some of the very popular k-pop fashion trends this year

K-pop Inspired Outfits

  • Maroon lips

K-pop idols don’t stick to soft shades of orange and pink in their makeup anymore. It can be recently noticed that they have become very experimental with the trends in fashion and makeup. Not just bold eye makeup but the lip color trend has also undergone major changes. It witnesses the advancement in the aesthetic sense of women in Korea apart from the transformation undergone by the k-pop inspired outfits too. 

Kpop inspired outfits


  • Corsets, bustiers, and leathers

The black color used in leather makes it look way more appealing. It is the best way to add an ideal touch to your outfit mainly because of its distinctive texture. The classic styling of leather has been taken to yet another level as seen in Korean Fashion. They are not limited to just leather jackets or pants anymore but ruffled dresses are also stealing the show. 

  • Everything denim!
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The denim appearance has been a forever favorite of the Korean people but lately, it has been gaining so much popularity only because it is included in the group of k-pop inspired outfits. Maintaining a proper in between the silhouettes was a vital aspect of taking care of the idol which couldn’t get drowned in a lot of fabric. Both male and female k-pop idols wear so many layers of denim. 

  • No gender-based restrictions 

Of late, a powerful wave of gender-friendly fashion has hit the world. You can find your favorite groups of boys singing or dancing to your favorite tune. No gender-based limitations are imposed on the k-pop idols which makes this industry way more versatile. Just like you can find your favorite boy’s group performing in a skirt, you can also find several girl groups looking even more formal than their male counterparts. 

  • Cheerful dresses in bright colors

If you are a lover of vibrant hues that look fresh, you should take a look at some of the very amazing k-pop inspired outfits. A pretty yellow dress cannot just increase the beautiful skin but it presents a very new edition which includes voluminous sleeves as they can create a better clothing piece than the three pieces set. 

  • Voluminous sleeves 

It is undoubtedly true that the dresses with voluminous sleeves were also a part of clothing in history. A completely white shirt is shown which has good sleeves and can bulge as per the sleeves. This is one such fashion statement that can make you pretty even combined with a blue-toned dress. 

Kpop inspired outfits


  • The color- RED 
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Different shades of Red including Passion Red are very much prevalent in this season. You can just keep wondering why it’s not yet summer season. But this color appears good on everyone with everything. In easy words, it gives an idea of the bright hues that are waiting this summer including the warmth provided by the color Red. 

Thus, these are some of the ongoing fashion trends that are very popular now in the k-pop industry. Almost all k-pop fans know about these trends and follow them in their own lives too. There are many more fashion trends that solely belong to the k-pop industry only. K-pop is so popular all over the world and fashion is one of the most important reasons behind its popularity. Anybody who is a k-pop fan must be crazy about the fashion icons and trends that emerge in this industry.