There are different k-pop plastic surgery available. Known as the plastic surgeries capital of the world, South Korea witnesses at least a million people undergoing plastic surgeries every year. K-pop stars are no exception to this list. K-pop plastic surgery includes different surgery types like double eyelid surgery, nose surgery, breast augmentation, and a lot more. 

Amid all the rules set up for K-pop stars, they still have the facility of undergoing different plastic surgeries listed above. They are always under tremendous pressure to maintain a certain look like flawless skin, big eyes, slim jawline, etc. Read and find out some surgeries that helped different K-pop stars achieve the desired looks. 

K-pop plastic surgery -Rhinoplasty: 

Nose surgery is one famous K-pop plastic surgery among the stars. Ideally, the noses of Korean people have straight and pronounced bridges with rounded tips. Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is a way of improving the shape and functionality of the nose. This procedure is also recommended medically in case of breathing issues or nose deformities. It is a type of invasive surgery that involves cutting and puncturing the person’s skin using appropriate tools. Some famous personalities who underwent a nose job are Minzy from 2NE1, JooE from MOMOLAND, Chaeyeon from DIA band, etc.

Kpop plastic surgery

The nose usually has two parts – the bone and the cartilage. Any surgeon performing rhinoplasty can target either of the two or the nose’s skin in some cases. This procedure involves changing the nose’s shape. So, whenever a surgeon tries to mend the bone or cartilage, they can use the cartilage from other body parts like ribs, ears, etc. This could also involve a medical implant in some cases. Based on the final output of rhinoplasty, the surgeon and the patient can together decide the need for a second surgery. After all, a little change in the nose’s length can change the whole face’s resemblance! 

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Breast Augmentation: 

Another common K-pop plastic surgery, breast augmentation is imbibed by K-pop female stars for the perfect look. There is a certain look for female idols, and so most of them opt for breast augmentation. This procedure improves their breasts’ size and shape while boosting their confidence. Many women experiencing this kind of surgery say that they feel more confident about their looks and physique after the procedure. Breast augmentation is usually performed after thoroughly assessing the breasts’ condition, structure, and other relevant measurements. Famous K-pop personalities like Jessi chose breast augmentation surgery to improve her looks

Just like a rhinoplasty, this surgery also involves cutting off breasts and taking them a few sizes up. However, the person willing to go for breast augmentation is supposed to have healthy breasts. As in, this procedure wouldn’t go well with saggy breasts. In that case, you would need an upliftment as well. Breast augmentation is known to give a nice shape to the breasts and correct their natural size asymmetry too. Surgeons consider several aspects like the person’s physical characteristics, pectoral muscles, breast tissues’ placement, and a lot more so that her look matches the remaining body. 

Double Eyelid Surgery: 

Double eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty is the most popular K-pop plastic surgery. It is also famous across the globe. Double eyelid surgery makes a person look younger and brighter. It also improves the size of their eyes, giving them the European-style look sought after by most K-pop stars. A single blepharoplasty is sufficient for some people, whereas others might have to repeat the same in regular intervals. This process reduces the undereye fat and makes the person’s eyes look bigger.

Kpop plastic surgery

Blepharoplasty can be done in two different ways. One involves placing a suture on the upper eyelid, while the other involves removing fat from the upper and lower lids (if necessary). The choice depends on the extent of fat accumulation in the patient’s eye. This is also a medically recommended procedure when the excess fat sags the eyebrows, causes undereye bags and impairs the side vision of the eye. Double eyelid surgery removing excess skin, tissues, and fat is the most common surgery among Korean and Asian people. Celebs like Koo Hara, Chaeyeon, and various other K-pop celebs confessed to undergoing double eyelid surgery. 

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