You may now be wondering, what makes Korean fashion so different? The answer is Koreans themselves! Trendiness, fashion, chicness, and style are in the DNA of Korean people. The popular city of Seoul in South Korea is not only famous for its high-rise and artistic skyscrapers, but also for the fashion-forward lifestyle of Korean people which dictates the popularity of Korean fashion as we know it today.

its Glory

How old is it?

Korean fashion dates back over a century. There have been many significant events that have shaped and reshaped Korean preferences and fashion. It all started in the late 1800s when Korean people started to wear a simpler and more traditional version of the Hanbok. Hanbok is a traditional Korean attire now, consisting of a ‘jeogori’ i.e. a shirt or a jacket, and a ‘chima’ which is a wraparound Kimono type dress.

How old is it

1910 was a turning point in Korean fashion history. The year when Japan tried to capture the south of Korea. Japanese armed forces, in order to overpower the Koreans, banned Hanbok. This led to dynamic changes in Korean fashion as Japanese fashion started to get absorbed in Korean culture.

The Korean War brought immense tragedy, poverty, and suffering to the Korean people. This also led to a cultural setback. Due to the circumstances, KJP or “relief supply” fashion was on the rise. During the early 50s, Korea was sunken in darkness and poverty. But several fashion designers also rose to popularity. The first fashion show in South Korea was held in 1956 at the Bando Hotel. Despite many modern fashion trends and designs, Korean fashion has managed to hold its place in the global world of fashion. An important reason behind this is the rich history of Korean fashion which cannot be rolled out. The Hanbok has proven to be a great masterpiece to recreate for the modern fashion world. It is something that fulfills the retro yet decent fashion demands of people. Leslee and Kim Mi Hee are the top brands whose work shows the trendy and fashionable side of Hanbok.

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Modern Korean fashion

Why Milan, Paris, New York, London, and Tokyo are the same? It’s because all these cities are fashion-forward and known as trend setters when it comes to evolving fashion trends around the globe. In modern days, more fashion hubs are growing all over the globe to challenge and fight the fashion of those cities. Among them is South Korea’s capital, Seoul. Seoul hosts vibrant fashion weeks twice or thrice every year and a huge chunk of the fashion fraternity from all over the World is its part. Fashion has always been a part of Korean culture, but it’s never been as popular as it is in current times.

Korean Fashion in all its Glory

Is it still evolving?

Fashion trends and cultural dynamics have evolved around the globe through the years. Geographical changes, political circumstances, natural dynamics, and the influence of other cultures contribute to the changing waves in a culture or fashion. It is important to understand the significance of fashion history. Without the knowledge of fashion history, the point in fashion we are at today would not be unique.

It’s hard to define the Korean fashion of today in simple words. The way the inventive youth of today tries to create individual identities of their own through expressing themselves the way they like it in their own style and preference is the most distinctive feature of Korean fashion.

Influence of K-Fashion in the West

K-Fashion - Korean Fashion in all its Glory

Numerous Korean artists and designers state that targeting the US market is relatively easy. Because of the high influence and mad popularity of K-Pop bands among US teens and young adults, the K-Pop bands are believed to be the ‘major global influencers’ who bring these fashion trends along with them wherever they travel, be it on another continent or across the world.

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Tips & Tricks for rocking a Korean outfit

Koreans have a talent for styling unimaginable outfits and making something amazing out of something ordinary. Korean dresses are comfy, cozy, and one of a kind. They are liked by many around the world because of their uniqueness, simplicity, and comfort. In this article, we are going to discuss all you need to know about Korean females as well as male outfits and tell you how to slay a Korean dress like a native. What is Standing Between the West and "Made in North Korea ... 

Korean outfit - Korean Fashion in all its Glory

Korean Fashion in all its Glory

Korea has taken up the globe by storm with its ‘K’ (Korean). K-pop music for music lovers, K-Makeup for the beauty and makeup enthusiasts, K-Dramas for drama fans, and up next is the K-Fashion.

1. Loose it up

Korean fashion is fond of effortless and comfortable baggy clothes. It does not have a lot of room for figure-hugging and tight clothing. A straightforward and simple style outfit is a big player.

2.      Mix and match

Matching separates is another Korean favorite. You see a lot of sleek and simple fashion pieces on Korean girls, but you will also be surprised to know that they also have a great eye for prints and mixing fabrics and styles.

3.      Ripped Jeans

Another very ‘in’ bottoms are ripped and distressed jeans. Paired with pastel-colored tee shirts, this outfit is basic and yet so sleek. Korean girls and boys, both are equally fond of this clothing item.

4.     Go Monochrome or Neon

Getting dressed up in one color from head to toe is considered cool-guy chic and appears extremely effortless, monochromatic outfits are to be considered the statement uniforms of Korean men.

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Final thoughts

Undoubtedly, Korea is not only tech-savvy but also very fast-forward in terms of fashion and style. In the past decade, K-Fashion has reshaped the trends around the globe and has evolved as one of the major lifestyle factors. From America to the UK to Australia, people are crazy over Korean fashion, big thanks to the ultra-famous K-Pop industry and bands like BTS, Red Velvet, and Black Pink. Besides, Korean people themselves have a great talent for mixing and matching outfits to come up with new stunners every day. Be it super loose jogger pants and a t-shirt, or a figure-hugging dress, they surely know how to play with fashion.