Unless you’ve made a comfortable dwelling under a rock, you’ll be well aware that Korean fashion is the next big thing. It’s something that has taken the world by a surprise, and it’s here to stay. At least for another couple of years or so.
But what makes Korean fashion stand out the way it does? More importantly, how can you separate it from all the close trends out there? You’ll find your answers below with our summary of the most important Korean style tips.

Aim for the Cute Factor

Cute Factor
Style Tips For Korean Fashion 5

Pretty much any fashion trend out there will be about trying to make you look good, but there are a million and one ways to look good. What separates Korea from the rest? Quite simply, the focus is on being cute.
You will see this idea being shared with a lot of different countries and regions around Korea. East Asian beauty standards tend to be much different than what you’d find in western or European regions.
For the most part, the look is all about trying to appear as endearing as possible. This is in contrast to a lot of western trends that focus on being salacious or exciting. Trends like that aren’t popular in Korean fashion so far.
What does that mean for styling tips? It means you will have to keep a lid on how provocative you can make your overall look. Things like showing too much skin may actually work against the look. You will also have to be careful when doing your makeup so as to not appear too seductive.
This idea applies to men as well. Being clean-cut and fresh is valued more than portraying the western image of masculinity. Whatever you do, the result has to instill a sense of cuteness.

Iron It Out from Top to Bottom

Iron It Out
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Korean fashion isn’t just limited to what you wear on top or bottom; it extends to everything from top to bottom. That’s an important thing to keep in mind because so many people tend to overlook this when trying to get into this style.
You can get a sense of this by keeping track of what K-pop artists, idols, and other Korean personalities wear. It’s not just about having the right top or bottom. It’s also about the blurred lines in the middle.
This means that you should have a proper pair of footwear like sneakers to go with your look. You should also decide whether you want something on your head like a sunhat or a beret. Of course, no one would fault you if you wanted to go for accessories. In fact, you might just get some high praise from your fellow Koreans.
Just make sure you have thought of the look fully before you commit to anything. That doesn’t necessarily mean everything has to blend together or be cohesive. It should just feel like a complete package.

When in Doubt, Go Clean

Go Clean
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For an outsider, entering the world of fashion, in general, can be a bit of a challenge. There are so many fashion shows with ridiculous outfits that would make you cringe at the thought of wearing them outside. The natural reaction is to back as far away as possible.
Luckily for you, Korea is the one place that won’t have you adorning weird feathered hats or wacky concept outfits. In fact, it happens to offer one of the most practical fashion trends that have been out there.
That’s because Korean fashion has had a very grassroots start. It has changed and evolved on the streets with the everyday citizen acting as the runway model. That’s why it hits so differently than the rest of the world.
If there’s one lesson you can take from that to master your grasp of Korean fashion, it’s being clean and uncluttered. While the use of different layers and textures is encouraged, it isn’t necessarily a requirement.
At its base, it’s about creating a modern, minimalistic look that just works with everyone. It’s better to go back to the basics if you think you have strayed a bit too far or tried to add a little too much to your look. That’s the Korean way.

Decide on a Theme

Decide on a Theme
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There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to Korean fashion. It’s hard to label something as Korean when it encompasses more than just one type of outfit. It’s less of a standardized look and more of a vibe.
However, there is one undeniable fact that you can extract from just about every Korean outfit – it follows a theme. No outfit is just a generic way to look good. Outfits are crafted according to what they are and where they should fit in.
If you are looking for something a little urban, you can target the streetwear look that uses hoodies, ripped jeans, flashy sneakers, and face masks. If you want to aim for professionalism, you can grab a coat, a beret, a blouse, and skinny jeans. Want something in between? You can go for the schoolgirl look that uses a lined skirt, button-down shirt, a sweater, and some loafers.