The world of K-pop has made waves over the past few years all over the world, but it is not only the music that has taken the world by storm. Their elegant yet bold fashion statements have caught our attention as well.

To bring to light exactly what it is that makes these young stars so impactful on the fashion industry, we have picked out the top ten most fashionable boys in the K-pop world. Let’s have a look at what made these ten make the list.

1. Suho – Kim Jun-myeon

The Top Ten Boys in the K-Pop Fashion World 11

Exo’s Suho (real name: Kim Jun-myeon) is on the top of this list because of his preppy fashion choices. Suho is a man who knows how to dress. He manages to create an exquisite blend of classy and casual with his looks. His dresses feature sophisticated colors accented with stylish elements of clothing, creating a chic appearance.

Suho is loved by K-pop fans all over the world. While his elegantly fashionable style does play contribute to fans’ adoration of him, it’s his personality that really makes him admirable. Suho is polite, considerate, and, at the same time, very much a goofball. He has the ability to make people feel comfortable around him. Despite his glorious success in Korean media, he remains humble. He shows genuine excitement when talking to his fans and tries to reciprocate the appreciation they have for him. Overall, he is a sweet and kind person, which makes him all the more lovable in the K-pop world.

Before achieving stardom, Suho lived in Seoul with his mother, father, and elder brother. He graduated at the top of his class and loved playing golf, which is a hobby he still enjoys.

2. Wonho – Lee Ho-seok

Lee Ho-seok
The Top Ten Boys in the K-Pop Fashion World 12

Wonho’s style definitely stands among the best for uniqueness. It manages to be fluid and eccentric while maintaining an element of class. He also enjoys wearing a lot of blacks and expertly accentuates his clothing with jewelry and accessories.

He believes in self-expression through style and encourages others to express themselves freely as well without being constrained by society’s norms and expectations. His clothing often disregards gender restrictions, and he himself believes in allowing people to be who they really are. In fact, in an interview, Wonho revealed that he designs most of his stage outfits himself.

Wonho was a singer in the boy band, Monsta X, before he hit turbulence in his career. It devastated fans when he decided to drop out of the band amid rumors of drugs and loans from fellow band members. However, soon, he was back in the limelight.

Although fans’ expectations of him rejoining the band were not met, he launched his solo career which has been received with love and garnered tremendous success. His resilient personality is reflected in his fashion choices, and his story inspires millions!

3. V – Kim Tae-hyung

Kim Tae-hyung
The Top Ten Boys in the K-Pop Fashion World 13

Tae-Hyung, more commonly known by his stage name V, is the lead singer of the boy band BTS. V’s fashion has been appreciated zealously because it is one of the most defined styles in BTS. He is almost always sporting high-end brands, Gucci being the pop star’s long-standing favorite. His on-stage appearances often see him rocking patterned bandanas.

One of the most interesting things about V’s wardrobe is that it is simultaneously diverse and consistent. His style is characterized by long flowing coats and wide black pants. He pairs them with patterned shirts in bold colors. V’s fashion style is chic while maintaining a strong element of individualism and personality.

The appeal of his style is accentuated by his bubbly personality and fun-loving nature. He loves photography and knows several languages including Japanese, which he is fluent in.

This fashionable 24-year-old belongs to a family of farmers in Daegu. He is the oldest out of three siblings; he has a younger sister and a brother. His family was not rich or famous. However, his parents supported his passion and are proud of the place he has made for himself in the K-pop industry.

4. G-Dragon

The Top Ten Boys in the K-Pop Fashion World 14

G-Dragon also termed “the father of K-pop” is a Korean rapper among other things. This versatile personality is acclaimed for his bold fashion choices. Being a fashion designer too, G-Dragon does not shy away from pairing bold colors with bold styles. Termed the “fashion daredevil,” he is acknowledged by many fashion giants to be a strong influence on modern fashion.

The rapper often wears trendy outfits accentuated with brightly colored accessories. He, however, does not stick to a single style. G-Dragon loves putting his creativity into his outfits and creates unique looks which always catch the eye. From classy suits to oversized Paris fashion, G-Dragon manages to glamorously pull off any outfit he dons.

Born in Seoul, this star started his six-year training at the age of 12. Later, he went on to become part of the best-selling band Big Bang. Aside from his obvious talent and hard work, the thing that makes this song stand out is how he embraced his personality and expressed it through his work. His songs, his productions, his writings, and his clothes are all a representation of him and people have loved him for it.

5. Jungkook

The Top Ten Boys in the K-Pop Fashion World 15

Jungkook is a famous singer and dancer in the boy band BTS. He stands out for his style because it is the perfect balance between comfort and looks. Jungkook is a big fan of all-black outfits. He has a spectacular way of making the most casual outfits look chic and fashionable. He uses accessories intelligently to complete his ensemble.

Aside from his style, what makes Jungkook stand out is how ambitious and caring he is as a person. Being the youngest of the group gives him a chirpy persona, but he is so much more than just the bubbly kid. He has grown up in the company of his bandmates and is loved by them all dearly.

Before entering the music world, Jungkook wanted to become a professional badminton player. However, his life turned around when he saw a G-Dragon performance and got inspired to become a singer.

This young star is exceptionally talented. Not only has he shown these talents in singing, but he is also passionate about photography, videography, and songwriting. He is an ambitious young star with a bright future ahead of him.

6. Jin

The Top Ten Boys in the K-Pop Fashion World 16

Jin is another member of the Korean boy band BTS. He is also known as the “car door guy” because fans were amazed at how attractive he looked once when exiting a car. Jin has all the typical characteristics that Korea labels as “handsome” in a guy. Often playfully called “worldwide handsome,” his natural features are not the only thing that makes him a prominent part of this list.

His fashion style stands out because it combines simplicity with luxury. Being the oldest member of the group, many fans think his style is befitting his role. When going for a formal look, Jin creates an elegantly put-together ensemble with sophisticated colors. He prefers flowing coats and tight pants which complement his figure. On casual days, Jin is also seen wearing oversized hoodies and T-shirts which give him a boyish look.

Born in a city near Seoul, Gwacheon, Jin’s family includes his elder brother and his parents. He graduated with an acting as his degree. His career, however, got launched when he was spotted in the street and asked to audition for the South Korean company Big Hit Entertainment. From there on, he uses his talents to play his part in bringing success to his band.

7. Eun-woo

The Top Ten Boys in the K-Pop Fashion World 17

Cha Eun-woo of the band Astro is a natural at showcasing his charm. His exquisitely charming personality coupled with his fashionable taste makes him hard to overlook. Eun-woo has been gifted tremendously by nature. His chiseled jawline and molded features are a testament to his superior genes. Due to his alluring looks, he is considered the face of Astro.

When it comes to casual Korean fashion, Cha Eun-woo is a name that never fails to come up. He has showcased many magnificent looks over the years. He is hailed for the casual aesthetic that he manages to rock every time. He has also modeled for many high-end brands because of how well he carries the clothes he dons.

From casual daywear to fancy evening wear, Eun-woo has rocked it all. No matter what this young star wears, he always looks classy. While he doesn’t gravitate toward experimentations and bold clothing choices as much as some of the other members on this list do, he never fails to impress with his style.

8. Kim Mingyu

Kim Mingyu
The Top Ten Boys in the K-Pop Fashion World 18

Mingyu is a mandatory part of this list because of his trendy fashion looks. He is a fashion inspiration for teens because of the way he wears casual clothing items and makes them look glamorous. He is often seen wearing ripped jeans with elegantly patterned t-shirts and accessories.

He is the master of creating fun and casual looks which can be easily recreated using readily available items. Many of his looks blend the sophistication of the corporate world with the carelessness of his teenage years.

Mingyu is a beloved person in the K-pop world because of his charismatic and cheerful personality. What makes him even more attractive to fans is how responsible he is in the real world. He is known for being the caretaker of the group. His fashion style resonates with his personality as it showcases his responsible side as well as his silly boyish traits.

Born in Anyang-si, the lead rapper and face of the boy band Seventeen has a younger sister that he adores. He enjoys soccer and basketball and loves making figurines out of plastic. He also has dreams of exploring a career in acting someday.

9. Key

The Top Ten Boys in the K-Pop Fashion World 19

Key, who is also known as the diva of SHINee, follows his own lead when it comes to fashion. He does not stick to the norm and makes bold choices in style. His wardrobe features bold colors and clothing. Whether it is pink shorts with a baby blue cap or a gold-and-black jacket, this young star’s innocent looks, and confidence allow him to look fabulous.

Key is known for always keeping his head high and doing what he believes in. That is very effectively reflected in his clothes.

The color red is seen very often in his clothing. He often wears sophisticated colors paired with a bold accent color to make a statement.

An interesting thing about Key’s fashion is that he is often seen wearing the same clothes but styled in a completely new way to give a fresh look. This is something that many young teenagers seek inspiration from and find ways to style the same clothes in different ways. This makes Key a leading face in the K-pop fashion world.

10. Zico

The Top Ten Boys in the K-Pop Fashion World 20

Zico’s style may not be as eye-catching as Key’s or G-Dragon’s style, but it maintains a consistent level. He usually appears in casual clothes but knows how to wear them. He has an excellent sense of style and knows which clothes go together and how to highlight his clothes with accessories. This

makes casual clothing his strength because not everyone has the talent to make everyday clothes look good. His hair, often ruffled or spiked, adds to the fashionable boyish look.

He is often seen wearing hoodies or all-black ensembles. He wears silver neck chains to make his outfit stand out. Black leather pants are also a very popular element in Zico’s wardrobe.

Zico’s casual style complements his personality. He has a strong personality and takes his responsibilities seriously. He may come off as difficult to approach sometimes, but he is actually a very cheerful and friendly person. His style and personality are similar yet different in so many ways. He is often mistaken to be uptight when, in reality, he is anything but. People who get to know him to find that his style is synonymous with what he is like in real life: casual yet cute.

K-Pop Fashion – Is It All About Looks?

One of the things that make K-Pop fashion stand out among the rest is that it is more than just looks and clothes. Fashion is all about self-expression. The most admired dressing styles are the ones that showcase the artist’s most authentic selves.