The mammoth of K-pop bands keeps growing with each passing day, owing to the global popularity of Korean pop. However, not everyone’s work is equally recognised. Several underrated K-pop groups haven’t received the fame they deserve. So, here are some of such groups awaiting the world to enjoy their work. 

Underrated K-pop Groups in Korean Pop: 

It is not easy for everyone to receive global recognition. While some don’t have proper publicity, others may not be given importance due to various famous albums. Whatever be the reason, the following bands are yet to receive the much-needed recognition and acclamation for their exceptional work. Given below are some underrated K-pop groups and the possible obstacles on their way to receive the fame and recognition they deserve. 

1. CLC Band: 

Korean pop followers would surely know the intensity and talent of this girls’ band. CLC is probably a synonym for powerful performance in K-pop. However, their company Cube Entertainment doesn’t seem to give them the promotions and support they need. Adding fuel to these claims are the band’s members filing to terminate their contract, citing lack of future planning, improper payments, violating the contracts, unprofessional treatment, and a lot more. This girl band is full of talent and deserves a chance to be at the top. 

2. VICTON Band: Underrated K-pop Group

VICTON, also known as Voice to New World, is another underrated K-pop band. This band is on a rollercoaster ever since its debut in 2016. Backed by Plan A Entertainment, this boy band didn’t receive recognition for their work in the initial stages. The band was believed to be on a hiatus period until two of its members joined a reality show. Things seemed to work out after the band signed its first music show. At present, this band’s work is on the edge of paying off, as fans started to recognise their work.  

Underrated Kpop Groups


3. SF9: 

This band is fairly popular and adored. However, that doesn’t seem to be enough. SF9 often falls on the list of underrated K-pop groups. This band of boys has some best vocalists and dancers, who are often overshadowed by mainstream stars. Ever since its debut, SF9 chose unique concepts in every album. Owned by FNC entertainment, this band was consistently among the top 15 on Billboards charts between 2017 and 2019. The boys were consistent throughout the launch. But there is no sufficient recognition compared to the efforts they put in. 

4. GWSN: 

Another incredibly talented yet underrated K-pop band is the GWSN girls’ band. Be it exceptional music, power-packed performance, or stunning videos, this band has the calibre to own the world. The band’s last comeback was probably the best of comebacks so far but somehow missed the audience’s attention. Every performance from GWSN girls is a visual delight paired with alluring music. Pop, Jazz, or New Disco, this band can deliver everything at its best. Every member of the band is extremely talented and surely deserves fame and recognition. 

Underrated Kpop Groups


5. ASTRO: 

Supported by Fantagio Entertainment, ASTRO is another underrated K-pop band. The group’s popularity is slowly getting on the track but, that doesn’t cater to the immense talent. With a piece of refreshing music and fresh concepts, this band has been launching exceptional music right from its debut in 2016. The band received some popular awards and recognitions now and then. However, a lot more is yet to come its way. Three years after their debut, the band held its first-ever music show trophy. From spectacular performances and catchy lyrics to captivating music, every bit of this band deserves all the attention in the world. 

These are some of the many underrated K-pop groups available to us. Apart from these, various other bands and solo performers of K-pop await the audience to enjoy their work; if not giving them the recognition they deserve. Be it the power-packed girls or charming boys, these groups have got everything. From enchanting work to unmissable beauty, these underrated bands are everything from K-pop put in a single frame.