Irrespective of what it’s, people will always give their opinion. Opinions are however subjective. What’s true to you might not be true to me. Sometimes, the majority of people have similar opinions while other times, some opinions remain unpopular because the majority refuses to believe in them. There are innumerable unpopular Kpop opinions that you will be shocked to know. We have enlisted some such opinions of the public about kpop which exist, though unpopular. Let’s go through them one by one. 

BTS isn’t responsible for the success of major Kpop music bands

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Contrary to the popular belief that BTS has an immense contribution to the success of major Kpop bands like NCT, some people would like to believe otherwise. They say such thoughts are rubbish. They further go ahead to explain that NCT, one of the popular Korean bands, always had a global perspective from the start. There were English-speaking artists in the band. Had BTS not existed, NCT would still have achieved success internationally. So, one of the unpopular K-pop opinions is that BTS’ impact which helped NCT to launch an English song is garbage. 

An accomplishment for one is an accomplishment for all

Most people don’t know that Kpop fans consider Kpop music as one family. Each of the musical bands is a different member of the same family. They work in different companies but help one another in times of need. Kpop fans believe that the success of different musical bands like SNSD, BTS, NCT, Wonder Girls, etc. is for the entire Kpop music culture. 

Red Velvet is innovative

Though lesser-known, Red Velvet is one of the active Kpop music groups. It’s quite innovative and unique as believed by some. Some people even like their approach to songs and musical comebacks. 

The audience must stop criticising Kpop idols

This is one of the important unpopular Kpop opinions that people hardly understand. People must stop criticising Kpop artists. For instance, Wonho had to face severe trolls and mocking comments due to his tattoos. This affected him so much that he even went to the extent of removing them. Again, when the artist started to build muscles, he received sarcastic and funny comments from the audience. It’s high time that people must stop commenting on artists and let them live as they like. 

TWICE is excellent 

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TWICE has never received the credit they deserved. However, true Kpop fans understand and appreciate their culture and hard work, and professionalism. This is another of the unpopular K-pop opinions. With their uncountable musical comebacks in Japan and Korea, they have always been amazing on stage, their shows, concerts, choreography, etc. Remains unmatched. True Kpop fans are tired of seeing people not acknowledging their worth and discrediting them constantly. 

N has the best stage presence 

Again, unpopular, but some people do believe N to create the best impact on stage among all other K-pop artists. People love to watch him perform. Some say it’s like watchk art. 

The best voices are the rarest ones

Different people have differing tastes. Most people don’t like rare voices. However, some find it attractive. True K-pop fans like artists with distinct voices. For instance: Ravi, Jessi, etc. 

Kpop has come a long way- BoA threw light on the struggles of artists 

Though most people don’t realise, Kpop has truly evolved over the years and passionate artists like BoA have continued to grow. When BoA talked about her struggles, mentioning that she had to learn Japanese only because there were no interpreters and that she had to take the metro herself because she didn’t have a personal manager, fans realised the contribution of Kpop idols like her. What old artists had to go through then, the new ones mostly don’t have to in recent times.   

Fans love to see their idols being weird on stage 

True fans embrace artists for who they truly are. They enjoy when their favourite artists show their real selves and are who they are. 

These are some of the craziest unpopular Kpop opinions that people shared about Kpop music. If you too have an opinion to share, don’t step back. Drop-in your opinions and don’t worry, your anonymity would be maintained.