Where Does BTS Stand for K-pop?

Korean pop is probably the most famous of all in the world of music. Be it Gangnam Style or any album from K-pop, it is sure to hit the market with a bang. That reminds us of all the famous K-pop bands in the present day. Without a doubt, BTS comes into everyone’s mind, for that matter. Where does BTS stand for K-pop? Read on to know more about the band and its evolution over time. 

Where does BTS stand for K-pop? 

Ever since its debut in 2013, the BTS or Bang Tan Sonyeondan skyrocketed to rule the music world. This group of septet boys is one reason for the immense fame of Korean pop. Where does BTS stand for K-pop? Initially, the band was named Bangtan boys. However, the name was later changed to ‘Behind the Scenes’ post the band’s visit to America. Owned by the Big Hit Entertainments, this band was the first to top US music charts from K-pop. 

what does BTS stand for Kpop

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BTS was originally a hip-hop group but later imbibed different genres in its albums. BTS always reminds people of Bangtan Boys to date. So, whenever anyone asks what does BTS stand for K-pop, this name is the immediate answer. The second name didn’t reach people possibly. Wonder why BTS is so famous? Well, maybe because of the issues they focus on. Most albums from BTS revolve around social and personal concerns like youth, health, loss, individualism, and a lot more. 

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The band’s albums also touch on literature and psychological scenarios and sometimes present an alternative universe storyline. 2 Cool 4 Skool was the debut album for BTS. The first to hit a million sales in South Korea was their second album, Wings (2016). By 2017, BTS started ruling the music world. It soon entered the global market by breaking numerous records and setting a lot more. 

Who is a part of BTS? 

As mentioned above, BTS is a group of seven boys – RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, V, Jimin, and Jungkook. All the boys joined BTS as trainees before becoming as permanent members. Right from their debut, every year was so successful for the boys. Especially 2020 was an incredible one throughout. Map of the Soul: 7, the immediate release after their performance at Grammy’s, was a critically acclaimed album and their fourth to top the Billboard charts. These are the members of BTS. 

what does BTS stand for Kpop

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RM – Leader, Producer, and Rapper 

Rap Monster, or Kim Namjoon, was initially a centerpiece of BTS and is now the leader. He was the first one to join BTS. RM is a songwriter and producer. Known for his bossy raps, RM works on almost every BTS track, apart from his solo albums. 

J-Hope – Dancer, Producer, and Rapper 

Known as the best dancer of BTS, J – Hope or Jung Hoseok initially auditioned for JYP before becoming a crucial member of BTS. He takes care of the dance moves for BTS albums. J – Hope is now a successful producer, dancer, and rapper. 

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Jin – Vocalist, and looks after Visuals  

Jin or Kim Soek Jin is the oldest member of the BTS band. He initially aspired to be an actor before becoming a part of BTS. He is one of the prime vocalists of the group. Jin is quite famous for his looks. 

Suga – Producer, Rapper, and Songwriter 

Min Yoongi or Suga is the lead rapper of the BTS band. He was initially a signed producer for Big Hit before becoming a member of BTS. He also releases solo albums apart from working with BTS. 

V – Vocalist, Actor, and Dancer 

Kim Taehyung or V is another singer in BTS with low vocal ranges. Apart from BTS, he also acted in a K-drama, proving to be an excellent actor. 

Jimin – Dancer and Vocalist 

Park Jimin or Jimin is the leading vocalist of BTS. He is another lead dancer alongside J – Hope and V. Jimin is the most famous member of the band. 

Jungkook – the BTS’s Maknae 

The youngest of BTS, Jeon Jungkook, is known as the “Golden Maknae” of BTS. He is a part of the band’s vocals and dances. Jungkook is often the center of dance formations for BTS. 

Every member of BTS puts in their heart and soul to deliver the best albums. Moreover, BTS has a significant role in making K-pop globally popular.