See a few k-pop Idols with tattoos.

Breaking the norms and inking the body is still a hesitant thing for the Koreans. However, some K-pop stars chose to embrace the complex art on their bodies. We can find numerous K-pop idols with tattoos in the present day. While some do it for fun, others prefer tattoos with deep meanings. 

As we mentioned earlier, we can find several K-pop stars from different bands with one or more K-pop Idols with Tattoos on their body. Individual stars are no exception to this too. Viewers can catch the glimpse of different stars’ tattoos during live shows, stage performances, appearances on occasions, etc. 

Kpop idols with tattoos

Some stars have tattoos visible to the public all the time, and some are the opposite. The following is the list of some famous K-pop idols with tattoos on their bodies that are popular, meaningful, and exciting. 

K-pop Idols with Tattoos G – Dragon from Big Bang Band

G – Dragon, the leader of Big Bang needs no introduction when it comes to tattoos. Whenever we talk about any K-pop idols with tattoos, G – Dragon is probably the first man on the list. He has lots of tattoos on different parts of his body. The best part about them is, that he is never hesitant or afraid of flaunting them! Any person can spot at least one tattoo on G – Dragon’s body from any angle. Mind Control, Forever Young, etc., are some of the many tattoos inked on his body permanently. 

One tattoo that is looked forward to by most people is the ‘too fast to live, too young to die,’ inked on his right shoulder towards the back. This little sentence conveys an excellent meaning that everyone has to live their life to the fullest. His Dragon Ball tattoo with eight stars representing his birth date 8 is the most loved by many people. Another intriguing tattoo on G – Dragon’s body is inked near his belly button. With two small x, it seems like his belly is screaming. 

Jungkook from BTS Band

This young member of the BTS band also has a collection of tattoos inked on his body, just like G – Dragon. Be it his full sleeve tattoo, Army letters paired along BTS’s debut date tattooed across his knuckles, or the BTS logo tattoo, fans are up for a delight watching his inks. The most fascinating one is the tiger flower tattoo inked alongside the words ‘Please Love Me.’ He also has a crown and the letter J inked on his fingers. Though Jungkook joined the club recently, K-pop Idols with Tattoos often excite people with meaning and fun at the same time. 

Moonbyul from Mamamoo Band

Moonbyul is one significant part of the Mamamoo band. Almost every member of this band has inks tattooed on their bodies, representing different purposes and meanings. This key rapper also takes pride in flaunting different tattoos inked on her body, apart from elegant fashion style. Her tattoos beautifully reflect the crucial things about her life. Right from her birth date, the day when she started working on her dreams, or the debut date of her band, her tattoos are a map of her memories. She also has Kpop Idols with Tattoos representing her family, ensuring the world that Moonbyul is absolutely aware of the crucial aspects and little delights of life. 

Lee Hyori

She is an individual K-pop Idol with Tattoos also known for natural activism. Lee Hyori has different hit albums in her store and is acclaimed for her elegant balance between professional and charity works. She works for animal and environmental welfare. Her tattoo ‘Walk Lightly in the Spring, Mother Earth is Pregnant’ perfectly reflects what she does. Presently on Lee Hyori’s right arm, this tattoo is accompanied by two flowers. Apart from these, heart and turtle tattoos can also be seen on her right arm. 

Kpop idols with tattoos

These are some of the many K-pop idols with tattoos on their bodies. As we mentioned above, some stars get themselves inked out of fun, while others try to convey an inspiring meaning to it. Whatever be the intention and purpose, the world loves to spot these stars as their K-pop Idols with Tattoos. After all, these tattoos are an addition to their grace!