With the rising K-pop fanbase, there is no doubt about millions of fans trying to mimic their favorite Kpop idol hairstyles. The cool yet extraordinary kpop hairstyles come in so many attractive colors and styles. Whether you are looking for basic kpop hairstyles or some extravagant fashionable ones, there is so much variety for you to pull off.

Read on this article to find out which kpop hairstyles are best suited for your face cut and body type. So, boys and girls, are you ready to dive in?

Here are some stylish kpop hairstyles for men

  • Bleached Korean Flow: If you believe yourself to be on the adventurous side then we have a completely daring hairstyle for you. We call it the bleached hairstyle with a light blonde shade and a layered texture. The layered texture gives the hair the essential volume as well as dimension. So, you can shine on with your new favorite Korean-styled hair.
kpop hairstyles

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  • Curtain Hair: Are you looking for a kpop look that will give you a pretty fresh face? Then, we have got your back. All you have to do is get a standard bowl cut and part it in two. This way your hair will cover your face effortlessly and especially in accordance with your face’s shape. 
kpop hairstyles

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  • Professionally Styled Dark and Shiny Hair: Another perfect kpop hairstylethat is properly going to take your face’s shape is short fringe and sides. Just make your hair teased in sections, especially in the case of the back hair. This will create volume in your hair and make it look professional styles, dark, and shiny.
kpop hairstyles

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  • Side-Parted Blorange K-Pop Look: Kpop culture surely has had a huge influence on the global styling industry over the years. One such popular kpop hairstyle features hair that is side-parted mid-length. What adds more coolness to the look is getting the hair shaded in bright Blorange. It is one of the most commonly seen and the coolest looks to pool off in this decade. It is one look that will certainly make you stand out amongst the crowd.
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  • Wet Look: The wet look is perfect for men who have long hair with sharp fringes. This look is great for covering a broad forehead any day. The look even covers the eyes which makes it an extremely edgy choice. It is definitely going to be the most mysterious look on our list.
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  • Wavy Curtain Bangs: If you are planning to style your long hair, then this kpop hairstyle is one that you shouldn’t miss. It is going to give your hair that extra “oomph” any day. The way textured soft hair is meant to leave you looking dashing and bold any day.
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  • Blonde Neat Brush Up: Do you have straight medium hair? No problem! Our list of incredible kpop hairstyles has got you covered as well. Now, you can add a little bit of flair to them along with a sleek brush-up. Add more drama to your look by getting subtle highlight color along with a darker blonde shade. It will definitely give your hairdo the needed volume.
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Here are some stylish kpop hairstyles for women

  • Blue Hair: The kpop start IU’s hair has become the ultimate trendsetter kpop hairstyles for girls to date. The Korean pop star got her hair colored blue in honor of her album Love Poem’s song Blueming. Not only the song but the blue-colored hair became instant hits in the music and fashion industry.
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  • Half and Half Hair: Another hair look that became popular even though it was just a wig is MAMAMOO kpop girl group member Solar’s hairstyle. The powerful hair look with half hair neon and half hair black wow-ed everyone. It’s one hairstyle that definitely helped her pull off in style.
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  • Blonde Hair with Bangs: Are you bored of your black hair? Then why not try blonde hair with bangs just like TWICE kpop girl group member Jihyo’s hair. The bangs and the stylish blonde waves will make your hair look like they are a match made in heaven.