Read about the most popular k-pop groups. Korean pop music has existed for ages now. With time it has evolved and its quality has enhanced, thus gaining an increasing fan following across the globe. Some of the popular K-pop music groups are Twice, Exo, BTS, Blackpink, etc. If you are a fan of Korean pop music, this post is for you. In this post, we have enlisted some surprising facts about the most popular K-pop groups. Continue reading below to know more. 

Interesting facts about Most Popular K-pop Groups 

  • Aren’t you excited to know some unknown facts about the most popular K-pop groups and get surprised? Definitely yes. So, without wasting any further time, let’s dive into the details. 
  • Do you know that the first K-pop music album came in 1925? The album was titled Yo Pungjin Sewol. The artists who contributed to this music album are Lee Ryu Saek and Park Chae Seon. However, the modern-day iteration of Korean pop began as late as 1990, when Seo Taiji and Boys were released. Seo has since then been popularly called “president of culture”. 
  • There are more than 100 musical K-pop groups that debut in South Korea every year. But, less than 5% of them get international exposure. 
  • The first K-pop music group that performed live music as a guest band on Saturday Night Live was BTS, one of the most popular K-pop groups in recent times. The live concert took place in April 2019 and BTS sang songs from its then released album titled “Map of the Soul: Persona.”
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All BTS fans must have wondered what BTS stands for. Well, it stands for Bang Tan Sonyeondan.

most popular Kpop groups


  • Interestingly, the first K-pop band to have released Korean pop music in the UK was the Kim Sisters. 
  • You wouldn’t believe that Girl’s Generation once had to run for two miles to perform live. The group got caught up in a deadly car accident. They still managed because if they couldn’t make it on time that day, they would have been banned from future performances. 
  • Jackie Chan runs a Korean pop musical boy band. The band is JJCC, comprising 6 South Korean artists.
  • Girl’s Day singer Yura had her legs insured for a massive sum of $500,000. 
most popular Kpop groups


  • The famous singer Bora, from the Korean pop group SISTAR, lost her father on the very day she was to make her TV debut.
  • People usually think that artists have to fly to South Korea to audition. This is certainly not true. The following scouting cases would justify that. 

SHINee‘s Minho: This man was scouted at a ski resort! The manager of the company kept on following him to his school and home until Minho agreed to give it a try. 

EXO-K‘s Sehun: Can you believe he was enjoying ddukbokki when suddenly a casting manager offered him a role. He ran away from the place, not to mention, with the manager chasing him. 

Twice‘s Sana: She was approached in Japan while shopping. After she heard that her favorite artists are in the same company, she accepted the role. 

  • The average cost of training a Korean idol is about $3 million. Major companies hold auditions for interested candidates. Once selected, they are trained from a very young age. Candidates stay together and spend hours learning dance, cultures, music, foreign languages, and other skills, required to make a successful debut. 
  • The entire hard work that goes behind launching new faces on stage however is unpaid. Trainees don’t get paid unless they make their debut.
  • The famous girl’s group Leader’S comprises 28 artists. That’s followed by APeace consisting of 23 artists. Next comes LPG with 15 and lastly Barbie D and BADKIZ with 14 artists.  
  • For years, the Korean countries were against the rise of k-pop musical groups. Artists had to face several mistreatments while they strived to keep this genre of music alive. 
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These are some of the unbelievable facts about the most popular K-pop groups. K-pop music is fun and enjoyable. You will notice K-pop artists sing and dance together. They are truly multi-talented. While some don’t excel in both fields, a true K-pop idol is someone equally talented in both music and acting. It’s undeniable that these artists are truly talented. Combining singing and acting together, creating new music by blending all genres of existing music is commendable.