See some of the richest k-pop idols. Success and fame are not overnight gifts. It takes a lot of dedication and zeal to reach the top. Talking about this reminds us of K-pop sensations. Various artists from Korea are now among the richest people on the planet. With intense struggle and unmatched hard work, K-pop celebs could make their dreams come true. Well, some richest K-pop idols listed below are a real inspiration for the world. Success is never a guarantee in the K-pop world. While some make it happen, most others are left disappointed. There are situations where a successful idol could no longer be an industry face. We never know what awaits us here. 

Richest Kpop Idols

Richest K-pop Idols from Korean Pop Industry

Rising like phoenixes amid all these uncertainties are the following K-pop stars. They are known to shine in the dark and bounce back from failures to become what they are now. Read and find out the Richest K-pop Idols ruling the music world at present. 

Kim Jae Joong

Kim Jae Joong is one popular face of the K-pop world. He is a singer, songwriter, model, actor, designer, and successful businessman. Kim was a former member of TVXQ and is now a part of the famous boy group JYJ. He delivered several hit albums while proving his exceptional acting abilities in various Korean dramas. Kim has a net worth of around $80-100 million. He owns a fashion company, several lavish properties, and luxury cars. Kim has a significant role in the K-pop industry and is like a household celeb in South Korea. 

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If you don’t know PSY or Park Jae Sang, you know nothing about Korean pop. Acclaimed as the King of YouTube, PSY was the man who introduced K-pop to most of the world. His all-time best song ‘Gangnam Style’ hit more than a billion views on YouTube and numerous likes. Most of his total wealth came from the album alone, in which this song is included. With numerous endorsements, streaming revenues, and various awards, PSY stands as the richest man in the Richest K-pop Idols industry with around $60 million. 


IU or Lee Ji Eun is the richest female K-pop star at present. With a net worth of around $31 million, she has a sure place among the richest K-pop idols. Starting at a very young age of 15 years, Lee continues to rule people’s hearts with exceptional albums and phenomenal acting. Hold My Hand, Gangnam Style, IU, I’M Growing Up, and Modern Times are some best albums from Lee. Her turnaround was the most successful ‘Real’ album, which established her as a national icon. ‘Good Day’ was probably her all-time best, which topped the Gaon Digital Chart for five weeks straight. IU also features in various Korean dramas mesmerizing the audience with her acting. 

G – Dragon

Who can forget the icon of the BIGBANG band! The most popular star of the Korean industry, Kwon Ji Yong or G – Dragon, is another famous celeb on the list of the richest K-pop idols. A renowned singer, composer, fashion designer, and songwriter, G – Dragon has around 22 songs in his store. Almost every album from this star hit the market with a bang. He is considered one of the most successful and Richest K-pop Idols with a vast fanbase from all parts of the world. Heartbreaker album was G – Dragon’s game-changer, which sold around two lakh copies worldwide.

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He was listed in Forbes’s influential celebs list and entitled as the most influential personality. The world gives the whole credit for Korean Pop’s fame to G – Dragon by calling him the King of K-pop. At present, G – Dragon has a net worth of around $30 million. 

Richest Kpop Idols

Whenever someone talks about the Richest K-pop Idols, JYP is the first name that strikes them all. With a successful music career back in the ’90s, JYP or Jin Young Park is by far the richest of all Richest K-pop Idols. With a whopping amount of around $200 million, JYP stands as the most successful and influential man in the K-pop industry. He was the CEO of JYP Entertainment, one of the biggest franchises in South Korea. His legacy isn’t that easy to beat. However, K-pop stars continue to do their bit for the industry while improving their net worth.