Nobody even had a clue in the past few years that this will be the most influence that Korean culture can have on people across the world. Be it Korean skincare or Korean fashion, every bit of it is so well known amongst the fans of Kpop that they never miss a chance to try them out. For those who are looking for a change in their hairstyle, here are a few from the K-pop industry that you can go for: 

Spiky and short 

This K-pop hairstyle has shown a lot of endurance over time to be counted as one of the most common hairstyles featured by Korean men. This is a classic hairstyle for all Korean men as it is just about short hair with spikes. You can also hold a pomade if you want as it can improve the hair texture if you just properly styled spikes in your hair. But, if you choose a backswept hairstyle, you just need to make use of very few hair styling accessories and products to get a more formal and sleeker look than other kpop hairstyles male. 

stylish kpop hairstyles male


Undercut with lengthy purple spikes

This hairstyle is not so easy to be styled at home. For acing it, just get it done from a barber. For rocking this hairstyle, you need to grow your hair long to mid-length before creating undercuts. However, you are not supposed to shave off the hair up to the skin. The spiked, long hair on top must be colored in purple. To make it appear more attractive, you can keep sweeping the hair slightly towards the front. You can pair an undercut look along with long, colored spikes to make it look more unique. 

Half up, half download haircut

This Kpop hairstyle can perfectly feature mid-length hair that is laid back. A part of the hair locks on the top is tied up to make a half ponytail and let the rest of the hair locks under the ponytail open before the creation of undercuts. Make sure that the untamed hair reached shoulder level. It is a very simple and easy hairstyle to go for. This has to be one of the most popular kpop hairstyles male of all time. 

Blorange Side Parted Hairstyle 

It is no wonder that the k-pop industry and its culture have influenced the Korean hairstyle in a lot of ways. This k-pop hairstyle showcases mid-length hair which is shaded in a bright hue or blorange. The hair remains side parted. Just keep in mind that all colored hairstyles are extremely common amongst k-pop idols and once you can do sport this look effortlessly; you are going to stand out from the crowd. For making the statement, make sure that you can select any one of the ongoing hair color trends presently like blorange. 

Mid-length layered hairstyle 

If you are searching for kpop hairstyles male that can define your look properly and give it depth, you must go for this mid-length hairstyle. The definition and depth offered by this hairstyle are all about a lot of layering done across the entire portion of hair on the top of your head. You must maintain long bangs and make sure they cover the complete forehead and skim the eyebrows too.

But for the most ideal face-defining hairstyle, get the tips of bangs trimmed. If you have thick hair, the layers will lead to a reduction in the volume of your hair. For guys with thinner locks, it is good to go for lesser layers because too many layers will make it appear like an inappropriate haircut. 

stylish k-pop hairstyles male


Hence, these are some of the very popular kpop hairstyles that have been prevailing in the k-pop industry for a long time now. Some of them are effortless and you can try them at home also but for the rest, it is recommended that you get them done by a barber because even the slightest fault can ruin your entire look. There are a lot more options in Kpop hairstyles for males but these are extremely popular and they never go out of fashion.