Know about youngest k-pop idols. For those who are new to the world of K-pop music, it is very important to have an idea about K-pop Idols. K-pop Idols are artists and groups created by different entertainment companies developing attractive Korean popular music and aiming at the youth considering them the audience. These music groups are created by people who are specifically talented in rapping, singing, or dancing. 

These idols oftentimes get into an entertainment company in their teenage and get trained for years in different areas including dancing, foreign language speaking, and rapping. The K-pop groups then eventually evolved with their music albums and singles overloaded with attractive tunes.

Every week they attend a lot of music concerts to show their performance. There are numerous k-pop idols in the industry now. So, if you want to know about the youngest k-pop Idol, take a look through some of the youngest K-pop Idols that you must know about:

Youngest k-pop idols: Haruto (Treasure)

youngest kpop idol


Haruto was born on 5th April 2004 and is 16 years old. He is the rapper and icon of Treasure who came from Japan to get a place in this group. As suggested by the reports it has been found that the mother of this superstar is a very big fan of watching TV series and that’s the reason why there is a lot of merchandise at their home. He has a lot of confidence in his screenplay in the entire group and also has a wish to be an outstanding rapper. 

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Junghwan (Treasure)

Junghwan is just 15 years old which makes him counted in as one of the youngest k-pop Idols. He was born on 18th February 2005. Presently, he is the youngest idol in the entire k-pop industry and also serves as a vocalist in the group. He was also a part of many dance groups earlier and is a pro at acrobatics. 

  • Jinwoo (Teen Teen)

Jinwoo is the most important dancer, vocalist, and rapper of the Teen Teen group. He is 15 years old as born on 13th September 2004. He was undertaking only 5 months before the debut and that is why not too much information is available about him. His hobbies include playing soccer, singing, dancing, etc.

  • Sungwon (1the9) 

Born on 18th December 2003 this 16-year-old k-pop Idol is the primary vocalist and rapper of 1the9. He has hobbies like going out for long walks, writing lyrics for a song, etc.

  • Minjae (MCND)

This 16-year-old k-pop Idol is the most well-known youngest k-pop idol. In MCND, he takes the position of lead dancer and lead vocalist. He always dreamt of becoming a soccer player but due to the lack of required skills, ended up becoming a k-pop Idol instead.

  • Suzy (Miss A)
youngest kpop idol


Suzy is a 15-year old k-pop Idol that captured the attention of all fans throughout the world. Miss A has become very popular over the past few years and his spark has never been dulled out. With time passing by, she has become way more gorgeous and has amazing talents in dancing, singing, acting, and modeling. 

Kang Ji Young

The one to join KARA in the year 2008, Kang Ji Young made her first debut at the very young age of 14. It certainly helped the entire group showcase their playful and cute side as very different from the mature role they had to play as a KARA member. 

  • IU
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Launching her very first music album at the age of 15, she achieved a lot of fame in the year 2008 and has been consistent in the industry since then. 

So, this was all about the youngest k-pop idols that you should know about. There are a lot of k-pop idols to be discussed but the ones mentioned above are very popular. If you have just started watching k-pop drama or listening to k-pop music you must know the above-mentioned idols.