EpicGadgets is a store where you can find gadgets that are useful, crazy, funny, or even useless. Not only gadgets, but also accessories related to anime fashion, onesies, and china trash are also found here on EpicGadgets. You can buy great Christmas, birthday, or gifts for other celebrations on EpicGadgets which will surely be loved by your near and dear ones. So let’s see some of the products the company offers.


In Japan, costume overalls have been loved for a very long time. These overall or coverall or onesies look like stuffed animals and feel as soft and cuddly as they are known as Kigurumis. It is a made-up word with the Japanese words kiru (it means to wear) and Kigurumi (which means cuddle toy) which translates to a dress-up soft toy. They feel super comfy, fluffy, funny, and plush with animals and other motifs. It’s a huge trend in the Asian country to wear these on various occasions to add a fun element to your overall look.


These onesies are mostly loved by young people and are directly associated with the Japanese manga, cosplay, and anime culture that have taken up a firm position in the fashion industry. This trend has gradually become popular in the West too as many celebrities were seen wearing these cuddly costumes at home, as streetwear, or even in clubs! Taylor Swift, Demi Moore and her family, Cloë Mortez, Lily Allen, Rumer Willis, and other numerous big names were seen and photographed in these funny overalls at various places. It is far more comfortable than the designer outfits on the red carpet!

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Ring holder for phones:

This holder makes a perfect solution to place your mobile device on kitchen counters, office desks, or your table at the bedside while watching your favorite movie, making a video call, listening to songs, or playing games. It frees your hands and you can enjoy a bowl of popcorn with them! The ring holder is made with top-quality stainless steel and an alloy of zinc.

This alloy has an abrasion resistance power and good ductility which help in avoiding breaking if it falls on the ground. It can be attached to your mobile phone or a tablet with a powerful sticky tape of 3M VHB tightly to keep the devices safe.

There’s also a low chance for your phone of getting theft in a crowded or another place as the grip is much strong and it can also not slip from the hands. The ring is quite sturdy to hold devices like phones, tablet PCs, and other digital devices firmly and is also drop resistant. The price of the accessory is set at 10 to 11 Euros and is available currently in five different colors on the site. You can pay here by using modes like Amazon pay, PayPal, cards, and other available methods.

Car cleaning brush:

You can find a super soft faux wool car cleaning brush on this site which is lint-free, exquisite, non-abrasive, and scratch-free. It will be a pleasure for you to clean your car with this stylish brush as it makes the surface of the automobile spark like gold! It is a glove brush that can help you not only washing, dusting, waxing, or polishing your car, but also you can use it for dusting your home, cleaning mirrors, furniture, windows, glasses, or any other surfaces at your convenient places.

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The design ensures that the user’s arms do not feel tight but gives comfort. It is a perfect cleaning tool as it can hold more suds and water. The strands of wool encapsulate the dirt and grime of the road from your car quickly and safely. The accessory can be also used for boats, trucks, watercraft, and motorcycles. The detergent care is both reusable and washable in a washing machine. You can even gift it to your significant other, friends, or family members to make their cleaning job more enjoyable and efficient than ever before!

It comes in three colors presently and you will find an extra-large size which suits practically everyone. The price is set from 17 to 18 Euros which includes VAT. Payment methods include Amazon pay, cards, PayPal, and other such methods.


A useful kitchen accessory is all you need to prepare quick and healthy snacks for your family at home or on the go! This apple corer and slicer has eight sharp 430 stainless steel blades which are pretty durable and won’t rust even after several times of usage. It works better than a knife and has non-slip, comfortable silicone handles and blades which give it an ergonomic and innovative design. It is easy to clean and use and comes in different bright colors like orange, red, green, etc. The price of the item is set as 20 Euros and the payment can be made using PayPal, Amazon pay, cards, or other mentioned UPI methods on the site.