This site is tremendously popular among people who love cosplay costumes and other related items. FaceGear provides a wide range of products starting from masks to helmets and what not!The name FaceGear itself gives an idea to the buyers about what kinds of items they can find here. Let us see the different products which are affordable and of high qualityonly at FaceGear.

•Dinosaur masks:

You can find a dinosaur world mask here with an open jaw. Kids love T-Rex and this mask resembles the animal almost perfectly. You can adorn your child in their costume parties with it.


The price ranges from 42 to 60 Euros varying on the sizes and colours. You can find them in red, blue, yellow and other colours. The masks not only look unique but are also comfortable on the face.

• Anime masks:

If you’re a weeb and love the anime series My Hero Academia, this mask is perfect for you. A nicely curated Overhaul gear with a flexible strap at the back helps you in positioning it the way you like. The product looks really amazing! The price isnot more than 29 Euros for each piece. The material is PVC and one size fits most of the adults. Drop shipping is also supported by the seller. The product is delivered within 3 to 5 working days once the customer pays the amount through UPI. Refund or replacement policies are also available in case of defective goods.

• Watch dogs helmets:

For Halloween parties, you can go out with this mask which looks super cool and attention grabbing. The design of the gears are super cool. This product is made of PVC too and costs 14 Euros per piece. You can even get a free gift if you buy six pieces! Payments can be made with credit cards, WebMoney or Escrow. After the buyer receives the payment, the product is shipped out within 2 days and the seller provides users a very smooth shipping service. You can contact the sender immediately if you do not receive the package within the estimated date. Charges, import duties and taxes are excluded both in the shipping cost and product price.

• Motorcycle accessory:

This is another quirky piece which you will find on the site. There are tons of varieties of this product. The helmets are available in both black and blue and the stickers are in neon colours making the accessory stand out in a crowd.

• Masks for Code Vain:

This mask is made for the lovers of the game and you should definitely try it out if you are a true enthusiast. One piece costs almost 27 Euros and the material used is latex and hose. If you can’t find one that matches your size, you can contact the seller and customise it the way you like. The fee is slightly more for this but it is worth it.

• Hiruko masks:


This mask is also a delight to the anime lovers. Kagetane Hiruko is the antagonist of the popular anime piece Black Bullet and the gear is designed exclusively for the fans. The price of a piece ranges from 33 to 43 Euros and there are two different types available. One’s material is PVC and weighs 116g, while the other weighs 245g and the material is resin and it is also very textured. Customers may face a slight difference of color due to camera, monitor or other such factors and are advised to refer to the physical item.

• Half Face masks:

This masquerade item can also be used as a Halloween party prop. It comes in both and silver and golden colours and the materials used are PP, ABS Plastic and leather. The package includes one mask worth 25 Euros including VAT and it’s a kind of ball mask which covers the upper half of the face. You can be the centre of attraction for real if you wear this at a party!

• Hatake Kakashi Gear:

There’s another exciting item for Naruto fans on the website. It’s a Kakashi mask made of polyester and the size is flexible for most people. The package includes one piece of the item worth 14 Euros.

• Batman masks:

You can even get The Dark Knight mask here suitable for your Halloween party. The price is 23 Euros and it’s made of soft latex. As they are newly produced, there will be a taste of glue and latex. It can be eliminated by placing in a ventilated place. Don’t think of wearing this if you have allergic reactions to Latex!

You can get a ton of other quirky accessories on the website and every day new products or added. So hurry up and go grab some of your preference.