lynkhero is a platform that offers you a variety of services regarding social media. lynkhero increases your chosen platform’s potential by providing you with an easy source by working with you closely. lynkhero helps you in purchasing shares, comments, and likes in the online marketing area. The website is associated with different social media platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitch, Twitter, etc. Let us look at some of them.

• Purchase Twitch followers:

Twitch is a platform that has 3.8 million registered broadcasters and the viewer number goes up to around 15 million. It has approximately 41000 partners and all these numbers have increased significantly over the past year. 

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Unless your content is interesting and unique to take out time for watching, you won’t be able to garner a visible position until you choose to go and buy Twitch followers. It is an easy way to ensure organic growth for your channel. You can achieve feedback by connecting to a larger audience if you buy legit Twitch followers. You may even collaborate with other streamers which can help you in making money and enhance your social proof.

Your confidence will automatically get boosted once your account starts garnering a reasonable number of real followers and a strong image. There are numerous packages for buying a specific number of Twitch followers. For example, if you intend to buy 7500 followers on the platform, you need to pay approximately 195 euros which are more than 15000 Indian rupees when converted. If you want 500 followers, the amount is set at an average of 25 Euros which is a bit more than 2000 rupees. The payment methods available are Amazon pay, cards, PayPal, and others.

• Buy followers on Snapchat:

Snapchat is another popular platform that offers video and photo sharing, a variety of filters, and messaging, unlike other platforms. It offers a real-time system where anything one shares will be from the current moment. It surely helps in grabbing customer attention and increases authenticity. The competition here is less which makes it difficult to gain followers. You can make your account discoverable by simply adding some followers as per your need. For buying 150 followers, you will need to pay almost 140 euros which is more than 11000 rupees in India.

The price for buying 300 followers is approximately 270 euros which is more than 21000 rupees when converted. Amazon pay, cards, PayPal, and other options are available for payment. You will need to enter your Snapchat username on the site and the followers will be delivered within two days after the payment is made.

Purchase YouTube likes:


YouTube is currently one of the biggest video streaming platforms in the world of digital media with over 2 billion followers. A wide variety of people including high-end brands, business owners, marketers, and influencers use this platform. It offers for its users to easily keep a check on their content under certain rules. They can create a head-start from their engagement by encouraging other viewers by buying YouTube likes.

You can garner the attention of people who are in such of your product by buying targeted YouTube likes. It helps you to increase your fan base and reach real followers from similar geographic locations. Here too you can find different packages such as buying 500, 1000, 5000 or other numbers of likes. If you want 10000 likes for your YouTube video, you will need to pay approximately 641 Euros which is more than 51000 rupees in Indian currency. For 3500 likes, the amount is set at an average of 221 Euros which is more than 17000  rupees when converted.

Buy followers on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is an online platform that connects you with the world’s professionals from various departments and companies. There are around 310 million active and 675 million registered users from various parts of the world on this platform. You can get tons of job opportunities here according to your experience and preference. It updates 280 million feeds regularly and is open to everyone. Companies who scout for talent can also look for opportunities here by buying followers on the platform. A whopping 41 percent of millionaires with an average of 35000 skills are listed as job seekers.  You can display them on your profile so that they can be found easily when it matches a job description.

Buying LinkedIn connections and getting permanent followers is much more affordable in comparison with the majority of social media strategies. it gives smaller businesses the potential to level the playing field against powerful businesses with a huge base of followers. One of the few packages which are available here is, that you can get 3000 followers by investing almost 270 euros which is equivalent to more than 21000 rupees in India. If you want 750 followers, you need to pay approximately 76 Euros which is a bit more than 6000 rupees when converted.

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