Maskky has been serving users with tons of different masks designed for urban people who love to set the trend. You can find nice face masks and Kawaii masks here at Maskky which are reusable and complementary to your fashionable outfits. Maskky is devoted to suit the mood and personality of the customers by offering a variety of masks that provide maximum benefit. Check out some of them below!

Wolf mask:

This item is listed among the bestsellers on the site and looks super unique with a wolf motif. It can add a touch of elegance to your everyday look and make your friends amazed at its chic appearance. It has two layers of fabric with a double protection filter that is easily replaceable. This ensures customers are protected from an allergic reaction caused by pollen, smog, bacteria, engine exhaust, dust, and cold. It will add to your super collection of masks and has an elastic ear loop and clip-on nose, both of which are adjustable. It fits most of the face sizes and feels super comfy on the skin.

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User safety is also given importance and that is why the masks are made with polyester microfiber materials that are super soft. It is both waterproof and breathable to ensure maximum freshness and hygiene. You can use the mask for a much longer period compared to other regular masks. The real and unique wolf print makes the item perfect for balls, music festivals, parties, dances, and other similar events. You can also gift it to your family or friends and they will surely love it if they love experimenting with their look.

Sakura night mask:

You can find a beautiful mask with a sakura motif and lists among the brand-new items on the site. This face mask is truly eye-catching with the night scenery print and consists of two layers of fabric with a filter that is replaceable for double protection. It keeps you safe from allergies that can be triggered by smog, pollen, bacteria, engine exhaust, dust, cold, etc. It also has an adjustable ear loop and nose clip that is adjustable to fit most the sizes and keep people comfortable while breathing.

The material used is microfiber with soft polyester and the item is waterproof too to ensure maximum freshness and hygiene. It has a dreamy vibe and you can easily wear it at night festivals, dances, balls, parties, or any such occasions.

Horror mask:

This mask fits perfectly with a 3D horror design which makes it look amusingly real. It is a gothic piece enough to turn all heads at you in a party! If you have a love for horror personality this will prove to be your go-to accessory with whatever attire you choose to wear

The mask is made with polyester microfiber materials which are safe for both the environment and your skin. You can remove the filters anytime you like for cleaning purposes to ensure good hygiene. The mask is also adjustable to various face sizes. You can wear this horror-inspired mask at different events like a masquerade, Halloween, prom, wedding, cosplay events, dance, or music festival and it can also serve as a unique gift for your goth lover friend. Other major features of it are its reusability and its snug fit due to elastic straps and adjustable wiring of the nose.

Its price is 17 Euros including VAT and you can complete your transaction on the site through Amazon pay, cards, PayPal, and more.

Clown mask:


This mask is super fun and trendy and is sure to make people laugh at a party. It is designed with high creativity to highlight your playful personality in front of your acquaintances. It is made up of polyester and is very light in weight and soft. It feels comfortable against the skin and has an elastic loop at the ear which is adjustable for most people. As it is layered for protection, you can breathe without any problem and protect yourself from harmful substances like dust, smoke, pollen, pollution, and so on. The mouth guard can be also used for riding a bicycle, climbing, or snowboarding.

Complement your Halloween, masquerade, and birthday party costumes with this, and everyone will surely be impressed! The price for the accessory is 17 Euros including taxes. You can pay using your credit or debit cards, PayPal account, Amazon pay, or other UPI Ids.

Peel-off mask:

This face mask is also trendy despite being simple. The peel-able print on it is designed with impressive creativity and can be a thoughtful gift to your friend to loves to experiment with their look. It costs 17 Euros, inclusive of VAT and you can pay using Amazon pay, PayPal, cards, or other relevant methods.

If you love collecting masks, you should visit the website once and you will find an unending collection of cool masks there. So hurry up and grab your favorite picks before they get out of stock.