Nekodanshi is the best place for you to find someone specific or if you want to cast a cosplayer for a specific role. Nekodanshi provides cosplayers with the necessary support and resources they need to take their cosplay carrier to the next level. Nekodanshi is the perfect agency for you whether you are an experienced cosplayer or a beginner. Let us discuss the services the agency offers.

Tips and guidance:

The company has a team of experts who can help you with all aspects of cosplay from performing in front of an audience to choosing the right costume. There is also a library of cosplay tips and tutorials that you can access.

Booking cosplayers:

The website has an extensive database of cosplayers. You can find a cosplayer and book them directly on here for your photoshoot or event.


Companies and brands often work with cosplayers to promote their products. Nekodanshi can help you in connecting with these companies and brands to get the best collaborations and deals possible.


Marketing skills are a crucial part of a fulfilling cosplay career. The site helps you with everything from creating your social media account and portfolio for that. They also give you valuable tips as they have a wealth of experience in the cosplay industry.

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Intermediary between brands and cosplayers:

As mentioned earlier, the website has years of experience negotiating contracts between brands and cosplayers. It helps in guaranteeing the best deals for all the parties involved. Nekodanshi takes care of the happiness of the brand and the cosplayer by acting as an intermediary.


Lucrative contracts by companies and brands can be offered sometimes to cosplayers. The agency helps you to protect your rights by negotiating the best possible contract.

Career advice:

It can prove to be very difficult for cosplayers to know where to start because it is a highly competitive industry. The agency helps you in figuring out what to do to have a successful career in this field. They can give you valuable advice because they are familiar with the industry.

Usually, Cosplayers are under a lot of pressure from both companies and brands and also their fans. Nekodanshi offers you counseling and emotional support to help you deal with that pressure. To stay motivated, cosplayers need to connect with other cosplayers. That is why they organize social events and regular meetings for Cosplayers around the world.

You are your own company as a Cosplayer. The agency can help you to market yourself and learn the skills effectively to have a successful career.

The Agency understands that not everyone has the skills or time to make their own costumes. That is why they offer a wide variety of cosplay crops, costumes, and wigs for purchase.


On the site, you can find the cosplayer who suits your project needs by browsing hard. It has a wide range of International and obviously Japanese cosplayers. Once you find someone suitable, contact Nekodanshi to share everything about your project. Agency will comply with you to make you find a suitable cosplayer. The details include the target audience, the type of project, and any specific requirements you have.

It’s time to discuss the terms and conditions of the project after you are done choosing a Cosplayer. The date of the event, the fee, and any other requirements are included here. The next step is to sign a contract for the project. In the event that either party fails to meet the particular obligations, you can use this contract to set out any penalties. The fee of the Cosplayer is usually paid before the start of the project. It includes accommodation and transportation of the performer. It is time to coordinate the project with the cosplayer once everything is arranged and paid for.

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Keep in touch with them and make sure they get all the information they need throughout the project. You can now sit back and enjoy the show with your appointed Cosplayer. The agency makes sure that the project leads to success. You are also requested to give your feedback on your experience of booking a cosplayer on the site.

There are some things that you need to keep in mind while working with the agency. Your cosplay portfolio must be updated while you sign up with Nekodanshi. You will get your own profile after this on the site. Companies and brands can view your portfolio on this page and contact you for collaboration. you should maintain courtesy and professionalism while communicating with businesses and brands. Be respectful while the contract is on as you represent the agency at that time.

You must keep your promises after agreeing to work with the brand to build a nice reputation for the agency. So if you are a newbie in the cosplaying industry or even an experienced one who has an upcoming gig, visit the website of the agency once to find numerous other folks in the industry.