Prometheuz AI Agency is increasingly using AI to boost efficiencies and improve workflows nowadays. Prometheuz AI Agency has massively achieved impeccable profits in their business while changing the way customers can improve their operations. The Prometheuz AI Agency has successfully given data-driven outcomes by using AI to satisfy their clients till date. Let’s see some of the AI applications, the way they work, and their features here.

AI Video Generator:

You can increase your website’s visibility and drive more visitors by creating professional videos for your website. But video editing requires a lot of brain work and it is a tedious process for gaining good results.

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You do not need equipment, an editing program, or an editing studio to create professional-looking videos while using AI video advantage. Prometheuz helps you in doing all of the work.

The basic step to create videos is to enter the data that is desired. It can be a link, text, blog, or something else. The AI analyses and scans the data to provide the best results. Related sources are searched by the AI to find relevant and engaging information on the topic you input. You can preview and customize your video before publishing. AI video generators give you plenty of benefits such as language support, avatars, low price, easy usage, and other similar things.

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AI content generator:

A content marketer knows perfectly well how many hours it takes to create quality content. When the demand for content is high and you are short on time, you are bound to get your work done in a hurry by cutting corners.

Search engines like Google use intelligent algorithms that list the most useful resources in their search engine results. An AI content generator creates new high-quality content from existing content with the help of tools. These tools help in identifying keywords that enable the creation of new content or articles. Presently, written content like blog posts, articles, or social media posts are often called as AI content. But there are also other content generators of AI that are used for creating audio and video content. It delivers results faster than other software tools and is ready in minutes.

AI writer:

You may not have time to write good content for your business if you own a business or plan to start one. Honestly, your website may get lost in the hundreds of Google searches with so many companies springing up every day. Business content needs to be competitive enough for the market, true to purpose, and SEO optimized. The AI writer from Prometheuz helps you in creating creative and unique content when you may be too busy doing other things.


It is a software tool that writes content based on input to type or keywords by using artificial intelligence. You don’t have to worry about the quality and it can write anything based on true facts. It can create blog topic ideas, awesome slogans, headlines, brand names, or even entire blog posts. They produce unbiased content because AI copywriters just write content based on facts. He writes content with no opinion of his own by collecting figures and facts from all over the internet on whatever the topic is.

AI authors also check for plagiarism and create content. The AI-based algorithm corrects and detects any type of plagiarized content. It also evaluates the readability of the text in addition to plagiarism and checks the grammar too. The copywriters can perform everything from analyzing articles to creating advertising campaigns. They analyze the data, understand the article, and conduct research extensively for you.

AI content marketing:

Content marketing requires a tremendous amount of research that can be tedious at times. One needs to spend many hours reviewing, optimizing, analyzing, and collecting data. The task only gets bigger with the rise of social networks and loT devices. However, the situation has taken a positive turn with the advent of artificial intelligence. AI in content marketing is being used increasingly to improve ROI and grow businesses. Content marketers can analyze data, study their target audience and conduct extensive research by using AI tools for content marketing.

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Content marketers study consumer behavior, analyze the data and track their preferences by using machine learning. It allows them to generate data on which customers are most likely to engage and interact. Personalized emails are also being sent to their audience by marketers. Chatbots use AI for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to chat with customers and engage in human-like interactions. They have great customer support and are available 24/7. Social apps like Facebook, Telegram, and others use these chatbots to better communicate with users. The data extracted by the chatbots from users’ conversations every day enables markets to make data-driven decisions.

There are numerous other activities that AI can help you to do. If you are an influencer or a content creator or a digital marketer, you should check out the site and look at the other options.