Korean Pop music, otherwise known as K-Pop, is a popular genre of music originating from South Korea that has become a global phenomenon in recent years. With its catchy beats and addictive choreography, it’s no wonder why so many people are drawn to this genre of music! But what makes K-Pop even more captivating is the talented idols who bring the music to life with their amazing performances and personalities. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular kpop idols whose name starts with an ‘A’.

A-list Kpop Idols

When it comes to kpop stars, there are many whose names start with an ‘A’. From soloists to groups, these idols have made a name for themselves in the industry and have gained immense fame and recognition for their work in the entertainment industry. Some of these A-list idols include Amber Liu, Anda, Ailee, Alexander Lee Eusebio, and Aaron Kwak.

Amber Liu

Amber Liu is a soloist who debuted as part of the group f(x) under SM Entertainment in 2009 and left in 2019 to pursue her solo career. She has since released several singles such as “Borders”, “Hands Behind My Back” and “Other People”. She also starred in her reality show titled “Off The Record: Amber” which was aired on Mnet in 2020 where she showed fans her personal life away from the stage and studio. Amber is known for her bubbly personality and powerful vocals that can be heard in all her songs!

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Anda is a singer-songwriter who debuted as part of the girl group Playback under YNB Entertainment in 2018 before going solo two years later. She has since released several singles such as “Touch”, “Drawing Our Moments” and “I’m Not Sorry”. Her songs showcase her powerful vocal range combined with relatable lyrics that resonate with many listeners around the world! Anda also participated in Mnet’s survival show Queendom where she showcased her talents alongside other female artists from different agencies competing for first place!


Ailee is one of Korea’s top female soloists who debuted under YMC Entertainment back in 2012 before signing with Rocket3 Entertainment three years later where she continued to release hit tracks such as “Heaven”, “I Will Go To You Like The First Snow” and “U&I”. Her powerful vocals combined with strong emotions make every performance unique and special! Ailee also won several awards throughout her career including Best New Artist at both Melon Music Awards (2013) and Golden Disk Awards (2014).

Alexander Lee Eusebio

Alexander Lee Eusebio is an idol best known for being part of U-KISS under NH Media back when he debuted in 2008 until his departure 10 years later after completing his mandatory military service duties. He has since pursued a successful career as an actor appearing in various dramas such as “My Sassy Girl” (2017), “The Beauty Inside” (2018), and “Hotel del Luna” (2019). He also founded his agency called ALX Entertainment which currently manages him along with other actors/singers signed under them!

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Aaron Kwak

Aaron Kwak was part of U-KISS alongside Alexander Lee Eusebio before debuting as part of the boy group NOM under NH Media back in 2011 until he departs from both groups six years later due to personal reasons. He has since gone on to become an actor appearing in various dramas such as “My Secret Romance” (2017), “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” (2018), and “Hotel del Luna” (2019). He also participated in Mnet’s survival show Queendom alongside other female artists competing for first place!


These are just some of the amazing kpop idols whose names start with an ‘A’ but they are certainly not limited to this list alone! There are many more out there who have made their mark within this industry through hard work, dedication, and passion for what they do best – entertaining us all! Whether you’re looking to learn more about any particular artist or group mentioned here or would like to check out our Kpop fashion products then please feel free to visit our website today! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed by what you find here so don’t hesitate – come join us now!


Which male kpop idol name starts with a?

Ahn Jae-hyoBlock BajooStam EntertainmentAlex ChuClazziquaiAlexander LeeU-KISSMore lines

Which kpop idol has a name that starts with u?

U-Know Yunho (TVXQ)

Who is The 1 idol in K-pop?

BTS is the most popular K-pop group in the world and for good reason.

Who is the cute man in K-pop?

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10) NCT Taeyoung (Rank 44) NCTs leader and main rapper kicked off the list of the most beautiful faces in 2022. Known for her unique and eye-catching fashion sense Taeyong has been attracting a lot of attention with her flawless skin as well. Lovely facial features.

What is IU’s fandom name?

What is the name of the UI ghost? IUs ghost name is Uaena.

Who is the king of K-pop name?

Kwon Ji-Yong (Korean: 권지용 born August 18, 1988) also known by his stage name G-Dragon (지드드) is a South Korean rapper songwriter producer entrepreneur and designer known as the King of Kings. Known as K-pop.