The most recent death in the kpop industry happened on December 3rd, 2019 when Cha In-ha, an up-and-coming actor and singer, was found dead inside his home located in Seoul. He was part of the group Surprise U, a South Korean boy band formed by Fantagio Entertainment in 2018. He had only just debuted as a solo artist this past July and had been gaining much attention from fans due to his unique singing style and acting skills. His death has come as a shock to many as it was not known that he was facing any mental health issues before his passing away.


Kpop has seen some tragedies over the years with some of its most beloved idols dying too soon. This article has looked at some of these idols who have sadly passed away and explored their lives and legacies within the kpop industry. It is important to remember them for their contributions to the genre and for their music that will live on forever in our hearts.

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What kpop idol died recently?

Lee Ji Han
Lee Ji Han, a Korean actor, and K-pop singer, was among the more than 150 victims who died during a crowd surge at a Halloween celebration in Seoul over the weekend, his management announced. Lees management agency 935 Entertainment confirmed the news to Korean media on. The outlet reported that Lee was

Which Korean idol died in 2022?

South Korean actor and singer Lee Ji-hun died in a fatal crash in Itaewon Seoul on Halloween 2022. He was 24 years old. Lee Ji-hans agency 935 Entertainment confirmed this fact.

Which Korean celebrity died recently?

SEOUL – South Korean actor Na Chul known for several key roles in Korean dramas died at the age of 36. According to South Korean media, his health had recently deteriorated and he died last Saturday while being treated in the hospital. the hospital.

Who is the first Kpop idol who died?

Kim Jong-hyun Born April 8 1990 Seoul South Korea Died December 18, 2017 (age 27) Seoul South Korea Died of carbon monoxide poisoning Occupation Singer-songwriter Radio host Additional lines

What singer was killed on stage?

Over time the brutal truth and appearance of metal have changed irrevocably. Dimebag was shot first and was killed on stage with the Demejeplan band.

What celebrity died on Halloween?

(CBS Detroit) – As we celebrate Halloween this year we go back to October 31 1926 when famed magician and escape artist Harry Houdini died at Grace Hospital days after performing his last show in Detroit.