November is a special month for many fans of K-Pop idols, as it marks the birthdays of some of the biggest names in the industry! In this article, we will list some of the most popular K-Pop idols who have their birthdays this month, along with a brief introduction to each one and why they are so beloved by fans all around the world.

November Birthdays of K-Pop Idols

November is an important month for many fans of K-Pop idols, as it marks the birthday celebrations of some of the biggest stars in the industry! This year, several notable birthdays are being celebrated in November, including those belonging to members from NCT, EXO, Red Velvet, BTS, TWICE, and BLACKPINK. Let’s take a look at each one and learn more about these amazing artists!

NCT’s Jaehyun

Jaehyun is one of the main vocalists and visual members of NCT (Neo Culture Technology). He was born on November 14th, 1996 in Seoul South Korea and has been active in both NCT subunits since 2016. He is known for his incredible singing voice and stage presence which has earned him much love from fans all around the world! His powerful vocals can be heard on songs such as “Regular” and “Cherry Bomb” while his visuals can be seen during live performances or music videos where he often captivates viewers with his charismatic presence.

EXO’s Xiumin

Xiumin is another popular member of EXO (Exodus), a South Korean-Chinese boy group formed by SM Entertainment in 2012. He was born on March 26th, 1990 and is considered to be one of the most talented vocalists within EXO due to his powerful voice and great range. Fans also adore his cute visuals which often draw attention during live performances or music videos! He has released several solo tracks such as “You Are The One” which showcase his impressive vocal abilities while also proving that he can hold his own when performing without other members from EXO.

Red Velvet’s Joy

Joy is a member of Red Velvet, an iconic girl group that debuted under SM Entertainment in 2014 with their hit single “Happiness”. She was born on September 3rd, 1996 and has become well known for her bubbly personality as well as her beautiful visuals which captivate both male and female fans alike! Her powerful vocals can be heard on songs such as “Bad Boy” or “Peek-A-Boo” while her stunning visuals can be seen during live performances or music videos where she often steals attention with her charismatic stage presence.

BTS’s Jimin

Jimin is a member of BTS (Bangtan Boys), one of Korea’s most successful idol groups ever created and have achieved international success since its debut back in 2013. He was born on October 13th, 1995 and quickly became popular among ARMY (the official name given to BTS’ fan base) due to his impressive dancing skills and charismatic stage presence which often leaves audiences mesmerized! His powerful vocals can be heard on songs such as “Fake Love” or “Spring Day” while his impressive dancing skills can be seen during live performances or music videos where he often steals attention with his smooth moves!

TWICE’s Mina

Mina is a Japanese singer who debuted with TWICE (a South Korean girl group) back in 2015 under JYP Entertainment. She was born on March 24th, 1997 in San Antonio Texas but moved to Japan at a young age where she eventually developed her singing career before joining TWICE! She has become well known for her powerful vocals as well as her sweet personality which often shines through during live performances or interviews! Her beautiful voice can be heard on songs such as “Cheer Up” or “TT” while her kind personality can be seen during interviews where she often charms viewers with her genuine smiles!


Last but not least we have Lisa from BLACKPINK, another highly successful girl group that debuted under YG Entertainment back in 2016 with their hit single “Boombayah”. She was born on March 27th, 1997 in Thailand but moved to South Korea when she was 15 years old where she eventually joined YG Entertainment’s trainee program before debuting with BLACKPINK! She has become famous for her impressive dancing skills as well as her stunning visuals which often leave viewers speechless when watching live performances or music videos! Her sharp dance moves can be seen during choreographies for songs like “Kill This Love” or “Ddu Du Ddu Du” while her stunning visuals captivate viewers during music videos or live shows where she always stands out amongst other members thanks to her unique aura.

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In conclusion, there are many amazing K-Pop idols celebrating their birthdays this November such as NCT’s Jaehyun, EXO’s Xiumin, Red Velvet’s Joy, BTS’ Jimin, TWICE’s Mina, and BLACKPINK’s Lisa. Each one brings something unique to the table whether it be their strong vocals or stunning visuals that make them stand out amongst other idols within their respective groups. If you’re looking for some awesome fashion items inspired by your favorite idol then make sure you check out our selection here at Kpopnation – we’ve got everything you need to show off your love for your favorite artist today!


Which kpop idol was born in November?

Kokoro (Cherry Bullet) Born on November 1 2000 Kokoro is 22 years old this year! 31 October 2022

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K-Pop Birthday November 21st Group Name Annual Bonus BabyHyun1998Dal Shabetwuhee1991UP10TIONGyujin1997NewkiddJihansol 19947

Which kpop idol’s birthday is 22 November?

List of all kpop idols born in November Stage Name Full Name Date of Birth Chanyong Kim Chanyong November 20 00 Chawongim Sung Woonow 2 94 Chenlesang Chen Leno 22 01 Choi Sumin Choi Soo-min November 032012 More

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Oh, Jae-moo (born) is a South Korean actor.

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