K-pop is a genre of music that has become incredibly popular around the world, and many fans are devoted to their favorite idol groups and soloists. But one thing that all K-pop fans must come to terms with is the fact that many Korean idols have to go through mandatory military service before they can continue with their careers as singers and entertainers. In this article, we will explore why kpop idols have to go into the military and how it affects them, their fans, and their agencies.

Historical Background of Military Service in South Korea

Military service has been compulsory for all able-bodied men in South Korea since 1957 when it was first implemented by President Syngman Rhee as part of his effort to strengthen national security against North Korea during the Cold War era. Despite some changes over the years, such as a decrease in service duration from two years to one year in 2018, military service remains compulsory for all male citizens aged 18 or above who do not have any physical or mental disabilities that would prevent them from serving effectively in the military.

Reasons for Mandatory Military Service in South Korea

The main reason why military service is mandatory for Korean men is that it is seen as an important part of maintaining national security against North Korea, which continues to pose a threat despite recent diplomatic efforts between both countries. Additionally, it also serves as an important rite of passage into adulthood for young men and helps instill values of patriotism and loyalty among them.

Impact of Military Service on K-Pop Idols

For most Korean idols, going into military service usually means taking a break from their entertainment career while they serve their country. This can be especially difficult if they are part of an idol group or if they are just starting in their career as a solo artist. It also means that they will miss out on promotions and other opportunities that could help further their career while they are away. Additionally, being away from family and friends during this time can be difficult emotionally as well.

How K-Pop Fans React To Idols Going To The Military

Most K-pop fans understand why idols have to go through military service and support them during this time by sending letters and gifts or donating money to charities associated with the idol’s unit. Some even organize special events such as concerts or fan meetings where other fans can show their support for the idol who is serving in the military. These acts of kindness help keep morale high among soldiers during their time away from home.

What Happens When An Idol Returns From The Military?

When an idol returns from military service, he/she usually takes some time off before returning to work but often resumes activities within a few months depending on how long he/she was away. It can take some time for him/her to adjust back into life outside of the military but with support from family, friends, and fans, they are usually able to make a successful transition back into civilian life quickly.

How K-Pop Agencies Prepare For Idols’ Absence During Military Service

Korean entertainment companies usually prepare ahead when an idol joins the military by having backup plans ready such as releasing prerecorded material or enlisting temporary members who can fill in until the original member returns from duty. They also try to ensure that there is enough promotion done prior so that interest does not wane too much while the idol is away serving his/her country.


In conclusion, kpop idols have no choice but to serve mandatory military service due to their importance within South Korean culture and their role in protecting national security against North Korea’s threats. This period can be difficult emotionally and professionally but with understanding from family, friends, and fans, it doesn’t have to be too daunting an experience. So don’t forget about your favorite idols when they’re off at boot camp! And check out our Kpop fashion products here at [Insert your company name]!


Do kpop idols have to be in the military?

SEOUL South Korea (AP) — Members of K-pop group BTS will complete their mandatory military service under South Korean law the management company announced Monday effectively ending debate over whether it should do so. Exceptions should be made when discussing his artistic achievements.

Does BTS need to go into military?

30-year-old Jin (real name Kim Seok-jin) is the first member of BTS to begin the 18-month mandatory military service required by South Korean law for all men between the ages of 18 and 35. In the year December 13 2022 BTS members aged 25-30

How long do kpop idols stay in the military?

All Korean males must be registered by the age of 28 and must have served in the military for at least 18 months. BTS’s eldest brother Jin was originally scheduled to enlist in December 2020 but the government made a new exception three days before the artist’s birthday.

What happens if you refuse military service in South Korea?

Under the new law, those who refuse military service for religious or other reasons must serve 36 months in prison or other correctional facilities. It is one of the longest optional tours in the world.

What will happen when BTS goes to the military?

How long is BTSs military service? Big Hit Entertainment BTSs agency announced that BTS will be regrouping by 2025. Jin is expected to enlist at the end of 2022 so the rest of the members will begin their military service and complete their two-year mandatory term. . .

What is the hardest Korean military?

Battalion known as 707 or White Tiger is the South Korean military’s most elite special forces unit. This group is made up of selected candidates and volunteers from all branches of the military. Both men and women serve at White Tigers.