K-Pop idols are some of the most popular celebrities in South Korea, and when they join the military, it is a major event for their fans and South Korean society as a whole. In this article, we will explore why k-pop idols join military service, what happens when they do, how their fans react, and more.

Military service is mandatory in South Korea for all able-bodied men over 18 years of age who have not been exempted due to physical or mental health issues or other reasons such as being a student or having a family member who has already served in the military. Although there have been exceptions made for some k-pop idols in recent years, traditionally they have had to fulfill their duty just like any other citizen. This has led to some notable absences from group activities when members enter active duty, as well as solo careers that were put on hold for two years while serving in the military.

History of Kpop Idols and Military Service

The history of k-pop idols joining the military dates back to the early 2000s when many of the first-generation idol groups such as H.O.T., SES, and FinKL began enlisting after reaching adulthood. Since then there have been countless examples of male idols joining the military including members from popular groups such as Big Bang, Super Junior, SHINee, and EXO just to name a few.

The primary reason why k-pop idols join military services is that it is mandatory by law for them to do so if they are male and over 18 years old with no exemptions granted due to physical or mental health issues or certain family circumstances. However, some other factors may influence an idol’s decision to enlist such as patriotism and a sense of duty towards their country as well as wanting to set an example for their younger fans by showing them that even celebrities can serve in the military if called upon to do so.

Reasons Why Kpop Idols Join The Military

When k-pop idols enter active duty in South Korea’s military forces, it can have both positive and negative impacts on their career and fan base depending on how they handle their time away from performing. For example, many idols use this time away from performing to hone their skills in different areas such as songwriting or producing which can be beneficial when they return from service since they will have new skills that could potentially help them stand out amongst other artists when they return from active duty. On the other hand, though, there is always a risk that fans may forget about them during this time which could lead to decreased popularity upon returning from service if not handled properly by both management teams and fans alike.

The Impact Of Kpop Idols Joining The Military

The reaction of fans towards an idol joining military service can vary greatly depending on how much information was released before enlistment about any potential hiatus period due to active duty status or how much support was shown during this time by both management teams and fellow fans alike. Generally speaking however, most fans tend to show great respect towards those who proudly serve in South Korea’s armed forces regardless of whether they are an idol or not with many even sending off gifts before enlistment or waiting patiently until their return with open arms afterward despite any potential decrease in popularity during this period of absence due to lack of activity within music industry circles at least temporarily until after discharge date has been reached successfully without incident or injury sustained during active duty period itself.

How Fans React To Their Favorite Idols Joining The Military

When an idol enters into active duty status within South Korea’s armed forces there are several things that happen depending on how long he will be serving for generally speaking these include but are not limited too; halting all activities related directly related with entertainment industry including but not limited too music releases/promotions/tours etc., ceasing all official activities related directly with entertainment industry including but not limited too interviews/photo shoots/variety show appearances etc., suspending all personal activities associated directly with entertainment industry including but not limited too social media postings/fan meetings etc., entering into basic training program related directly with his assigned duties within armed forces followed by advanced training program once basic training has been completed successfully without incident or injury sustained throughout entire process up until discharge date has been reached successfully without incident or injury sustained throughout entire process itself.

What Happens When An Idol Enters The Military?

For most k-pop idols entering into active duty status within South Korea’s armed forces can be both daunting and exciting at the same time due mainly to feeling patriotic towards their own nation yet also feeling apprehension about leaving behind loved ones & current lifestyle choices associated directly with entertainment industry whilst simultaneously looking forward to gaining new skills & experiences associated directly with serving country proudly through dedicated service within its armed forces.

How Do Kpop Idols Feel About Entering The Military?

K-Pop idols joining military service is something that has become increasingly commonplace over recent years given its mandatory nature under current laws governing citizens within South Korea itself yet also due to a greater level of acceptance & understanding amongst both management teams & fan bases alike regarding the importance & necessity associated directly with fulfilling one’s patriotic duties whenever called upon too do so proudly & honorably thus ensuring future generations continue receiving best possible protection against external threats either foreign-based domestic based alike. We hope you enjoyed reading our article! Don’t forget to check out our KPop fashion products!


Do kpop idols have to be in the military?

SEOUL South Korea (AP) – Members of K-pop group BTS will complete their mandatory military service under South Korean law their management company said today effectively ending a debate over whether they should be discharged because of their artistic achievements.

Why is BTS joining the military?

South Koreas National Assembly passed a bill in 2020 allowing pop stars who excel in pop culture and the arts to defer their military service until age 30. All seven members of the BTSs music label group are set to enlist in the military in October.

How long do kpop idols stay in the military?

All Korean men must register at least 18 months before they turn 28. Jin a senior member of BTS was originally scheduled to join in December 2020 but the South Korean government granted a new exemption three days before the artist’s birthday.

Does BTS go into the military?

The group’s agency Big Hit Music announced the recruitment of BTS members in October after speculation and public debate over whether the K-pop star would receive an exemption to avoid military service.

What happens if you refuse military service in South Korea?

The new law requires those who refuse military service on religious or other grounds to serve 36 months in prison or another correctional facility – one of the longest mandatory service periods in the world.

Is there bullying in the Korean military?

Other forms of hazing include being beaten with a hot object and being forced to eat insects. Such brutality by the South Korean military has resulted in several high-profile incidents including suicides and shootings.