ATEEZ is one of the most popular boy bands in Korea. They have gained immense love, support, and fan following since the beginning of their journey. Their fans are not only in Korea but everywhere in the world. Some of the most handsome men in the world are considered to be a part of such bands.

Their female fan following is enormous. Girls go crazy when they perform on stage. Have you ever been to their concert? If yes, you might understand the craziness. Here in this article, you will get to know more about the Korean boy band named ATEEZ. You will also find a great site where you can buy Korean band merchandise.

ATEEZ debut information

ATEEZ is a South Korea-based boy band. To be more specific it originated in Seoul, South Korea and has been active since 2018, and has given us some great albums. It is under the label KQ and you can also check their official website for more information about them. The band began when the KQ label discovered a sample with some mixtapes from ATEEZ leader.

Then the whole process of training began. The leader was none other than Kim Hongjoong. Everyone knows him as a star and the leader of the band now. But it was his sample tape that ultimately began the whole process.


Names of ATEEZ members

There are eight boys in this band. The leader is Kim Hongjoong. He is the rapper and the composer of this band. The next is Park Seonghwa and he is the male vocalist for the band. Then comes Jeong Yunho and he is also one of the vocalists of the band. Other one is Kang Yeosang and he is also the vocalist and the performer. The next one is Choi San and he is the vocalist for the band.

Another one is Song Mingi and he is a rapper and performer for the band. The second last one is Jung Wooyoung and he is also a vocalist and a performer for the band. The last one is Choi Jongho and he is the main vocalist of the band. These are the eight boys of this band who are every girl’s heartthrob.

ATEEZ member’s ages

You have become familiar with the names of the boys in the band. Let us know their ages one by one. The first one was Kim Hongjoong and he’s 22 years old. He was born in November 1998. The next one was Park Seonghwa and he’s 23 years old. His birth month is April. Next is Jeong Yunho and he’s 22 years old and was born in March.

The next one is Kang Yeosang and he is also 22 years old. Another one is Choi San and he is also 22 years old. Next is Song Mingi and he is 21 years old. Likewise, Jung Wooyoung is 21 years old. The last one is Choi Jongho and he is the youngest of all, being 21 years old only.

Some ATEEZ album names

This boy band has released so many albums. Here’s a  list of some of their most recent albums. You all might have heard them already.

  • Dreamers
  • Into the A to Z
  • Zero: fever part 1
  • Zero: fever part 2
  • Treasures: map to all answers
  • Treasures epilogue
  • Treasures all to action and stick

And many more. This Treasure series is the most famous and popular one.


Names of songs

We have read the names of their most popular albums. Now let us talk about their songs. Here is a list.

  • Wonderland
  • Fireworks
  • Answer
  • Hala Hala


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