If you are into K-pop, there are a few bands whose names you should have heard. One such band was the B.A.P. They were an active and popular K-pop boy band that gained popularity very rapidly. They made their debut in the year 2012 in January. The band gained popularity very rapidly and was active for seven years, and in the year 2019 in February the band disbanded. Although the band has been disbanded the popularity of some of their albums such as Noir and the First sensibility is still popular among K-pop fans.


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B.A.P was a South Korean boy band. They made their debut on January 26th in the year 2012. they made their debut with the single “Warrior”. They made their debut under TS entertainment, they are a reputed agency that has managed a lot of reputed pop groups.

B.A.P. Members

B.A.P had six members throughout their tenure of existence. The leader of the group was Yongguk who was also the first member to be launched. The second member of the group was Himchan. The third member of the group was Zelo. Zelo has also launched a single album named “Never give up” with group leader Yongguk. Then came the other members Daehyun, Youngjae, and Jong-up. 

B.A.P. Ages

All the members of B.A.P started very early and this was the reason they gained such popularity within such a short period. The eldest member was the group leader Yongguk. He was born on 31st March 1990, which makes him approximately 31 years of age currently. Sub-rapper Himchan is second on order according to age. He was born on April 19th, 1990. He is also 31 years of age now and one month younger than leader Yongguk. Main vocalist Daehyun was born on 28th June 1993 and is 28 years of age. Lead vocalist Youngjae was born on 24th January in the year 1994.

He is currently aged 24 years, one year younger than Daehyun. Next is the main dancer of the group Jongup, he was born on February 6th, 1995. Last is the youngest member of the group Zelo. He was born on 15th October 1996. He is currently 25 years old and was the youngest member of the group.


B.A.P gained such momentum in a very short tenure because of their talent. Although the band lasted for only seven years, the band produced quality music during this short tenure. In total, they produced 5 studio albums, some of their most famous albums include Noir, First sensibility, and One-shot. These are some of the albums that maintained the presence of the band in the hearts of their fans forever.

B.A.P. Songs

B.A.P has produced good music in a short time. Some of their best songs are 1004, warrior, and One shot.


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B.A.P. merchandise

B.A.P has provided the fans with quality music and delivered as per the expectations of the fans. The popularity of the band reached such an extent that the people who listened to their songs became their fans forever. They were reluctant to believe and accept the disbanding of B.A.P. With the massive amount of fan-following, the responsibility of delivering the fans their expectations was tough. Then, the fans demanded the merchandise of B.A.P. As per the demands of the fans, the band launched their merchandise for purchase in the market. Now, people can purchase the merchandise.

B.A.P. Shop

Now another problem followed for the fans. Different duplicate products were being released in the market and sold. It created a problem for the fans since they were unable to receive the real products of their favorite pop band. To solve this problem B.A.P provided their permission to specific brands for sale. So that the fans can easily buy their products, even though the band got disbanded in the year 2019

The loyal fans of the band B.A.P are purchasing the merchandise of the band till this date. . If you want authentic merchandise to purchase, visit the online shops. There are numerous shops available to date, selling B.A.P goods to the fans. All of this is happening because of the huge fan base the band left behind as their legacy.