Everyone who follows K-pop must have encountered EXO. They are a popular Korean-Chinese boy band consisting of nine members in their band. They are a very active and popular boy band among the young generation. Since the number of members is more, all of the acts are performed in a very artistic way. Their albums and dance performances are usually very attractive. Let us see about the boy band in detail.



EXO Debut

EXO is a Korean- Chinese boy band. They made their debut on 8th April in the year 2012. they made their debut with the release of their debut single performance of MAMA. They topped the music charts of mainland China and even made their presence felt in the competitive K-pop arena of Korea. Not only they made their presence felt in the charts of the country, but also on the digital mode. They became famous and topped the YouTube chart of global music videos.

All of their acts are designed in a very artistic way. They are not only about music and dance. They try to deliver acts in a way that will make an impact on their fans. They have a huge fan base that is not limited to China and Korea, but throughout the world.

EXO Members

EXO consists of nine members in total. Their leader and main vocalist is Suho. The second in command after Suho is Xiumin. He is the sub vocalist and sub rapper of the group. The next member is Lay, he is the main dancer of the group. Baekhyun is one of the main vocalists of the group.

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Chen is also an active vocalist in the group. Chanyeol is one of the main rappers and visual of the group. D.O is also one of the main vocalists of the group. Kai is the central visual and one of the main rappers and dancers of the group. Sehun is one of the youngest members of the group. He is one of the lead dancers and rappers of the group. Their former members include Kris, Luhan, and Tao. All three of them were part of the dance and rapping group of the team.

EXO Ages

EXO group leader Suho was born on 22nd May in the year 1991. He is presently 30 years old. He is the leader and considered the best in public speaking. Sub vocalist Xiumin was born on 26th March in the year 1990. He is currently 31 years of age. Apart from music, he is good at soccer and fencing.

Main dancer Lay was born on 7th October in the year 1991. He is currently 30 years old. His abilities include playing Guitar and piano. Main vocalist Baekhyun was born on 6th May 1992. He is currently 29 years old. Vocalist Chen was born on 21st September in the year 1992.

He is currently 29 years of age. His specialties include singing and playing the piano. Sub vocalist Chanyeol was born on 27th November in the year 1992. He is presently 29 years old. Vocalist D.O was born on 12th January 1993. He is presently 28 years old. Sub vocalist and center Kai was born on 14th January 1994. He is presently 27 years old. Lead dancer and rapper Sehun was born on 12th April 1994. He is currently 27 years old.

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EXO Album

EXO has produced a lot of albums and some of them have created records on global charts. Some of their most popular albums include XOXO and Exodus. In total, they have around 7 albums and 52 music videos. Their best-selling album is “Don’t Mess up My Tempo”. They sold around 1.9 million copies throughout the world.

EXO Songs

EXO had produced a lot of good songs. Some of their most popular songs include Ko Ko Bop, Monster, and Love Shot.



EXO Merchandise

EXO is not just selling albums, their merchandises are also famous among their fans. Their merchandises have great demand among their fans. Their fans are buying their merchandises to support them.

EXO Shop

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