In Korea, there are so many pop bands like BTS and many more. But mainly they are boy bands. To your much surprise, there are many female bands as well that have made entry into the musical world, one such band is the (G)I-dle. It is from South Korea and has gained so much popularity over the internet. Their albums are very popular among teenagers especially girls, also they are the style icons for many young girls.

(G)I-dle debut information

This band originated in 2018 in Korea. To be precise in Seoul which is in South Korea. The label under which it operates is Cube and the U-Cube. You must visit their original website, to know more facts about the band. 

All the members of this band have some different history which leads to the start of this wonderful and iconic band (G)I-dle. The leader of this band is Soyeon. She was a trainee with Cube entertainment and represented them in many rapping shows. She has also released many singles. She also revealed that the name of this band was put forth by her when she wrote her song named the Idle song.


(G)I-dle member list

There are six members in total in the band. The names of the members are Soyeon Jin who is the leader of the band. Next is Cho Mi-Yeon, she is the vocalist. Next is Minnie. Then comes Jeon So-Yeon. Next comes Song Yuqi. Last but not least comes Yeh Shu Hua. All of these had some different backstories. Some of them were also a part of a different banner before they came under the label of Cube. 

(G)I-dle ages

We know the names of members now. It is time to know the ages of each member. Initially, the one is Cho Mi-yeon and she is 24 years old. Next is Minnie and she is 23 years old. Then comes Soyeon Jin and she is 23 years old.

Then is Jeon So-Yeon and she is 22 years old. The next one is Song Yuqi and she is one of the youngest members of the band and is 21 years old. Lastly, another youngest member is Yeh Shu Hua. She is also 21 years old and her birthday is in January.

(G)I-dle Hit albums

Given below is a list of the most iconic and hit albums of the (G)I-dle band. Most of them you have already heard of as they are so famous and popular. Let us look at the list.

  • I Burn, 2021
  • Oh my god, 2020
  • I Trust, 2020
  • Latata, 2019
  • I Made, 2019
  • I Am, 2018

This is the list and you can see clearly that they have released at least one album each year. The songs get so popular that the craziness is never-ending.


(G)I-dle songs list

You must have learnt the albums of the band by now. It is time to learn some of their best songs under the above-mentioned albums. Check these songs now.

  • HWAA, under the album, I Burn.
  • Oh my god, under the album, I Trust.
  • HANN, under the album, Latata.
  • Latata, under the album, Latata.
  • Uh Oh, under the album, Oh my god.

These are some of the recent hits of the band (G)I-dle. You can listen them anywhere now.

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