The Highlight k-pop band is an all-boys band that is one of the most requested bands over the globe. They are known for being talented artists.

Currently, the Highlight band consists of four members. But the band had six members to an extent, and two of them left. Here are more details about the band and all the information one needs to know.


The Highlight made its debut in October 2009 under Cube Entertainment. The interesting thing about the band is that it wasn’t named Highlight the right way. Its first name was Beast.

But after the two members left, it got renamed as Highlight under Around US Entertainment. The band’s fandom name is Light, while the color was dark grey.

Highlight members

  • Yoon Doo Joon:

The stage name of Yoon Doo Joon is Doojoon. He is the Leader, lead rapper, and vocalist of the band.

  • Yang Yo Seob:

Yang Yo Seob is also known as Yoseob on stage. He is the main vocalist of the group.

  • Lee Gi Kwang:

The stage name of Lee Gi Kwang is Gikwang. He is the main dancer, lead vocalist, and visual of the band.

  • Son Dong Woon:

Son Dong Woon is also known as Dongwoon on the stage. He is the rapper and lead vocalist of the group.

  • Yong Jun Hyung:

The stage name of Yong Jun Hyung is Junhyung. He was the lead rapper of the band.

Highlight ages

  • Yoon Doo Joon:

The birthday of Yoon Doo Joon is July 4, 1989. It makes him of age 32 years.

  • Yang Yo Seob:

The birthday of Yang Yo Seob is January 5, 1990. He is of the age 31 years.

  • Lee Gi Kwang:

Lee Gi Kwang was born on March 30, 1990. It makes him of the age 32 years.

  • Son Dong Woon:

He is of the age 30 years, born in 1991.

  • Yong Jun Hyung:

The birthday of Yong Jun Hyung is on December 19, 1989. He is of age 31 years.



The Highlight band had its popular phase, which is still going on. They made five studio albums and three extended plays in total to this date. Here is the list of them:

Studio albums

  • Fiction and Fact:

The Fiction and Fact was released on May 17, 2011. It was released under Cube Entertainment.

  • So Beast:

So Beast album was released on August 10, 2011. It was released under Cube and Far Eastern tribe.

  • Hard to Love, How to Love:

Hard to Love, How to Love was released in July 2013. It was released under Cube entertainment.

  • Guess Who?:

Guess Who? was released on March 16, 2016. It was released under Beast Music.

  • Highlight:

Highlight was released on July 4, 2016, under Cube Entertainment.

Extended Plays

  • Beast Japan version:

The Beast Japan version was released on November 11, 2010. It was under Cube Entertainment.

  • Beast Works:

This was released on April 14, 2014, under Universal Music group.

  • Japan best:

This best was released on September 17, 2014, under Far Eastern Tribe.

Highlight songs

  • Good Luck:

Good Luck is one of the songs that shows why the Highlight group is one of the best. It has all the elements like electric beats, hip hop, and pop.

  • Shadow:

The Shadow song is one of the most different songs ever created by the band. It has a mature tone with a dark and melodious melody.

  • Fiction:

One of the best songs which define the brand itself. Whenever one hears the word Highlight band, it’s always Fiction that comes to mind because of its music and originality.

Highlight merch

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Highlight shop

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