Music has become a diverse industry in the modern age. More people can be seen engaging in different forms and genres of music. Music streaming platforms can be seen promoting music from different parts of the world such as the South Korean group JYJ who have been a musical sensation since their debut. It is a great thing to witness that music has become an inclusive sphere where people are becoming more familiar with music other than their language. This has given opportunity to international artists to receive more exposure and more accomplishments for their musical journey.



Listening to different kinds of music can be advantageous to a great extent. It improves your intellectual capacity and it makes you become more enlightened about the different cultures and languages of the world as well. This is important to become a well developed and an intellectual individual which is something almost everyone aspires to be.

JYJ debut

Here is everything you should know about the debut of this boy group.

  • The three piece South Korean boy group JYJ was formed in 2010 under the label of C-JES Entertainment.
  • They made their debut with the Japanese EP titled ‘THE’.
  • JYJ refers to the initial letters of each of the member’s names. However, the group only has two members; currently who continue to be a duo.

JYJ members

  • This three piece kpop boy group initially had three members namely Kim Junsu, Kim Jae-joong, and Park Yoo-chun and hence, the group was named after their name’s first letters.
  • Currently, the trio has become a duo consisting of Jaejoong and Junsu.

JYJ ages

  • Kim Jae Joong was born in 1986 and is 35 years old currently.
  • Park Yoochun was born in 1986 and is 35 years old as well.
  • Junsu was born in 1986 and is 34 years old as of present.

Therefore, it can be seen that Jaejoong is the eldest member of the group while Junsu is the youngest and they are the two members who currently comprise the duo.

JYJ albums

There are many albums produced by JYJ which are as follows.

  • The
  • The Beginning
  • Thanksgiving Live In Dome
  • In Heaven
  • Music Essay: Their Rooms
  • Just Us

JYJ songs

This boy group has many albums and many songs till now. These songs have made them critically as well as commercially acclaimed not only in South Korea but also in Japan. There are many songs this boy group has released till date and the most popular songs are as follows.

  • Be The One
  • Fallen Leaves
  • Get Out
  • Be My Girl
  • I Can Soar
  • I Have Nothing
  • In Heaven
  • Get Ready
  • Empty
  • Back Seat
  • Found You
  • Mission
  • Still In Love
  • Thirty
  • I Love You
  • Wake me Tonight
  • Pierrot

JYJ merch

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JYJ shop

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