There are more than 200 pop bands in Korea. Among them is a band named Saturday. It is the most popular and widely known bands. If you are a true lover, you must have heard about it. People who are listening to this name for the first time must know that the songs and albums are so beautiful that you fall in love the second you listen to them.

Debut story

This group originated in 2018 in Seoul in South Korea. Saturday was formed by SD entertainment. It was exactly on July 18, 2018, that it became known to the world. The band is a girl group and is one of the most popular and loved bands in Asian countries. If you want to get their merches online, you can visit the online store. To know more about this band, you can check their official website too.

Members list

There are 5 members in Saturday. 5 members of the band are- Juyeon, next is Haneul. The third one is Ayeon, then comes Minseo, and lastly Yuki. Apart from these 5, there are 4 former members of this band too. The names of those 4 formers are- Chaewon, Chohee, second last Sion and the last one is Sunha. The band has been in lots of gossips due to the member’s status in the band.


Saturday member’s age

The 5 members and their respective ages are given below in a list and you can check out their birth dates as well, given below.

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  • Haneul was born on 28 November 2000. She is the leader of Saturday and also the main rapper, lead dancer, and sub-vocalist.
  • Juyeon was born on 6 November 2001. She is a sub-vocalist in the band. Her birth month is November.
  • Yuki was born on 30 January 2002. She is the lead vocalist and the main dancer.
  • Ayeon was born on 29 September 2002. She is the lead dancer, main vocalist, and center.
  • Minseo was born on 21 March 2003. She is the lead vocalist, lead dancer, and Maknae.

Now let us discuss the ages of the former members.

  • Chaewon was born on 20 January 2001. She was the sub-vocalist.
  • Chohee, she was born on 13 Feb, 2001. She was the leader, main dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist.
  • Sion was born on 17 December 1998. She was the main vocalist.
  • Sunha was born on 15 October 2000. She was the lead vocalist.

Saturday album list

Here are the names of the albums and hits of the band Saturday.

  • Saturday, 2016
  • Dosido with Saturday, 2013
  • Two Empty Hands, 2018
  • Cambiando de Hoja, 2020

These are the popular albums of the band Saturday. You should check out the songs list as well that is given below.


Saturday songs

They have released some epic songs in their albums. Let us look at some of their hits.

  • Little star
  • Super bad
  • Come to me
  • Wi-Fi
  • Only you
  • BByong
  • MMook JJi Bba
  • In your eyes
  • Kiss me
  • Changes
  • Summertime Butterscotch

If you have not heard any of them, you must right now. They will cheer you up. You should also watch their videos online. 

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Saturday merches

In case you like wearing hoodies and tees with printed Saturday members and their logos, then you can buy their merches online. Along with these, you will get cushions and many other things that resemble the member’s outfits or accessories from their songs. This band is immensely popular among young girls. They kind of idolize the members like Haneul. You should check it out.

Saturday shop

You will see various websites and shops online that will showcase the merches of Saturday. Do visit shops online to try the merches of the band. Take your friends with you in this magical merchandise hunt and explore the options that you have. Not only this band but you will find many other brands online. Do not worry about the prices as they are affordable.