Sechs Kies seems to be a Korean Pop group.

Human beings were among the first famous artists in K-pop, but they’re also given credit for groundbreaking idol fandom culture.

They debuted on April 15 in 1997, and they are taken into consideration as one of k-pop’s extremely successful boy organisations.

Eun won, Lee Jin, Jae-duck, plus Jang-won are the total number of active members of the group. Around May 20 in 2000, Sechs Kies dissolved. On April 14 in 2016, those who reconciled, partnered with Executive Director on May 10 in 2016.

It performed its 20th anniversary comeback tour after its Korean anniversary performance, appearing in Gwangju, on December 23 – 24 Goyang, Busan (January 30), as well as Daegu (December 31). 

On October 22, Kies did the concluding performance at the Seoul One Korea Festival awards ceremony.

They earned the Legendary Award nomination at the BOF opening event, together with Yellow Kies, who has been named “Outstanding Fandom” following their 25 years of commitment to the band.

Sechs Kies debut

They started their careers on KMTV Entertainment!

Music Station had on Apr 15 in 1997 their first song, “School Anthem.” On May 15, they launched their newest album, College Anthem, which was called after the main tune.

Sechs Kies

According to NEWS, the record has sold approximately 1,800,000 downloads.

The sales numbers of its songs are unknown, not just because of DSP’s underrepresentation, but rather because actual statistics for albums issued before Sept 1998 remain missing.

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Its biography contains further statistics about the artist’s albums’ sold history.

Sechs Kies members

Kies in Black

  • Eun won as the band’s leader, lyricist, and vocalist.
  • Lee is a rapper and dancer from South Korea.
  • Kim duck is a rapper and dancer from South Korea.

White Kies

  • Su-wonn– vocalist
  • Sung-hoon (bass player) was a long time Kang hoon.
  • Vocalist and rapper Ko yong (inactive)

Sechs Kies tracks

“University Anthem,” “Imagine Me,” as well as “The Manner This Person Lives – Pomsaengpomsa” is just a few of the hit tracks from Education Anthem.

Sechs Kies albums

  • Anthem of the School (1997)
  • Land welcomes you (1997)
  • Fighter on the Road (1998)
  • Album of the Year (1998)
  • Return to Com’Back (1999)
  • Another Source of Light (2017)

Sechs Kies songs

It will become the first celebrity group to start with their documentary, Seventeen, in early March.

Everything was released worldwide on July 17, as well as the band performed marketing and fan signing activities to coincide with the presentation.

Sechs Kies also appeared opposite singer Jinjoo inside the children’s opera Alibaba and the 40 Thieves. The Sejong Theatre hosted the performance from 25 April to May 5.

Sechs Kies merch

YG Entertainment also decided to sign Jin but instead Kang hoon got to separate contracts.

Tickets of performances at the World championships Gymnastics Realm on Sept 10 and 11 were completely sold out in less than five minutes.

Sechs Kies

Sechs Kies had a 1000th day’s celebratory dinner wearing special band bracelet with its supporters to increase their merch sale around January 12 in 2000.

Throughout 1998, Sechs Kies’ core audience and overall popularity grew even faster.

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Following complete marketing for their newest album in February, this album is a huge success of this band which also helps in their merch and promotions of band among young generation.

Sechs Kies shop

Sechs Kies rapidly established themselves as newcomers every year, winning many accolades at major music awards ceremonies.

They received award at 12th Korean Visual as well as Records National Award Bonsang in November, as well as the KMTV Korea Award Show Young Artist Trophy, and Seoul Grammy Awards Bonsang.

Sechs Kies is indeed a pop group from South Korea.

Some of the first famous artists in K-pop, but they’re also recognised with pioneering idol fan base subculture.

They debuted on April 15, 1997, so they are regarded one of K-pop’s extremely popular band with merch.