SG Wannabe is a K-pop group. It is a South Korean vocal group. This group is immensely popular in the Korean region. However, in foreign countries, they are still emerging and gaining popularity. Over the years they have gained tons of awards for their amazing music that matter. Korean fans rate them very highly. And rightly so. They deserve all the praise, affection, and love from the fans and people in general.

Their genre is K-pop and R&B. Whatever they do, they do it perfectly. Their origins can be marked to Seoul. This group debuted way back in 2004. They have been in the business of K-pop for 17 years and still are producing brilliant music. They were under the Mnet Media label when they started in 2004.

SG Wannabe debut

Most foreign K-pop fans were kids when SG Wannabe made their debut. They made it in 2004. Mnet Mint label launched them and rest is history and great music. They made their debut with a single called “Timeless.” It was part of their album named SG Wanna Be+. They won the award for best new artist at the Golden Disc awards. The album was a success both commercially and critically. K-pop fans gave them a nice welcome. After the historic debut, they went on making more such great music for the fans.

SG Wannabe members

SG Wannabe has had a total of 4 members. Their leader and vocalist is Kim Yong-jun. Then they have Lee Seok Hoon who is a vocalist for the group. They also have Kim Jin-ho. Kim is the main vocalist. And lastly, they used to have Choi Do Shik who was the leader and vocalist. Sadly Choi passed away in 2011, May 26. But he has always been remembered as a great vocalist and a K-pop legend. Now they only have 3 members.

SG wannabe

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SG Wannabe ages

Let us now look at the current ages of band members. Firstly the leader of SG Wannabe is 36 years old. He was born on September 12th, 1984. He will be 37 soon tho. Then there is Lee Seok Hoon who is 37 years old. He was born on February 21, 1984. And the last current member of the group is Kim Jin-ho. He is 35 years old. He was born on May 21st, 1986. They used to have another member. Choi Do Shik used to be their leader. He passed away in 2011. He was only 29 years old back then. His birthday was on June 23rd, 1981. He is a member for eternity.

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SG Wannabe albums

SG Wannabe has released multiple albums over the years. They gave 9 studio albums in their musical time. Their first album was SG Wanna Be+. It was a success. This album peaked #4 on Korean album charts. And sold over 200 thousand copies. Their very next album went to #1 on the charts.

It was named Saldaga.

The best-selling album in 2005.

It ends up selling over 400 thousand copies.

Their next album was also #1. They sold 190 thousand copies of that album. Their albums have seen immense commercial success.

SG Wannabe songs

A lot of singles and albums have been released by them. Every single song there is an art. You can listen to those evergreen songs whenever you want. Some specific great songs are “Timeless”, “LALALA”, “By My Side”, “Gashiri”, “Crime and Punishment”, “I confess”, “I Love you”, and “Three words”, “Winter Tree”, etc. This list just never stops.

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