Everything you should know about the Kpop band SHU-I and its members to grow your knowledge of the Kpop industry and to indulge in their catchy songs.

SHU-I And All The Details Of This Kpop Band

Kpop is something everyone has become increasingly familiar within the modern age. Many people have started to develop a taste for Korean songs and they are becoming increasingly fascinated with South Korean groups like SHU-I who have managed to attract many listeners and fans. The South Korean music industry, as a result, has been booming in recent years. More people have started streaming kpop songs and more people can be seen jamming to kpop songs nowadays which was quite lacking a few years ago.


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Music has become a global industry as there is an inclusion of diversity. Many huge awards show and many music organizations seem to recognize international music these days instead of being limited to English songs. This is a great thing for the music industry in general as it seems to transcend the boundaries of culture and language. Hence, here is a guide to one of the most renowned boy groups of the kpop industry.

SHU-I Debut

The South Korean five-piece boy group SHU-I made their debut back on September 11, 2009, following the release of their digital single titled ‘Bomb, bomb, bomb’. The group’s name has been derived from the Mandarin word ‘shuai’ which translates to handsome. Although they were a South Korean group, they were highly popular in Japan. The group members trained together for two years before their debut.

SHU-I Members

Here are the details of the members of this attractive boy group.

  • The group  was composed of five members namely Hwang Inseok, Jun Changhyun, Park Hyungjun, Park Minho, and Park Jinseok.
  • This is a five member South Korean boy group. They have trained together for two years ahead of their official debut in 2009.

SHU-I Ages

The current age of the SHU-I members is as follows.

  • Inseok was born in 1988, Changhyun was born in 1988, Hyungjun was born in 1989, Minho was born in 1989, and Jinseok was born in 1991.
  • Inseok is the eldest member of the group while Jinseok is the maknae or the youngest member of the group. Maknae refers to the youngest member of a kpop group.

SHU-I Albums

  • On 25th July, 2013, the group released a mini album titled ‘Mini Album Vol. 1’. Following this, they released two Japanese albums ‘Nextage’, and ‘I-Dream’.
  • They also released a mini-album titled ‘Star Light’ on 26th November, 2011.

SHU-I Songs

  • The boy group SHU-I have released plenty of songs but their most popular songs are bomb bomb bomb, smile for me, don’t be down, and so in love.
  • They also have many popular Japanese songs such as never give up, summer sweet, Daigyakuten, and Achakocha Sorry.

SHU-I Merch

There are plenty of shops in the modern-day that sell kpop merch. This can be attributed to the growing popularity of kpop globally. Hence, here are some things you should know about buying SHU-I merch.

  • Make sure that the store is selling official merchandise because what’s the point of buying merchandise if it isn’t official!
  • Look for reliable online kpop merch stores that can give you access to official merchandise that are of good quality.

SHU-I Shop

You can find plenty of online kpop merch stores where you can buy the latest album of the group, their light sticks, accessories, and other products. Make sure you find a renowned online kpop store to buy the items to ensure that you receive quality and original products.


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This talented group of boys has released many hit songs over the past years that have been accompanied by equally interesting music videos. While they are a South Korean group, they have hugely dominated the Japanese music industry as well. Their music continues to be on many people’s playlists and they still have many fans all around the world. They have continued to dominate the music industry to a huge extent and their songs are one that you want to keep listening to repeatedly. Such is the impact, power, and influence of this popular five-piece Kpop boy group.