Xeno-T, which was initially known as Topp Dogg is a boy band that is rooted in Korea. They were initially a 13-member boy band under the label Stardom Entertainment. However, after the departure of eight members at different points in time, the boy band consisted of five members that changed their band name from Topp Dogg to Xeno-T and came under the label of Hunus Entertainment.

Topp Dogg

Topp Dogg: Their Debut

The boy band Topp Dogg debuted with the single ‘Follow me’ on October 22, 2013. This was followed by the debut of an Extended play named Dogg’s Out on October 23, 2013.

Topp Dogg: Their Members

The boy band Topp Dogg initially consisted of thirteen members in total who are as follows:-

  1. Xero (Gwangju, South Korea)
  2. Sangwon (Seoul, South Korea)
  3. Hojoon (Gwangju, South Korea)
  4. Sangdo (Incheon, South Korea)
  5. B-Joo (Seoul, South Korea)
  6. Jenissi (South Korea)
  7. Nakta (South Korea)
  8. P-Goon (Seoul, South Korea)
  9. Gohn (Seoul, South Korea)
  10. Seogoong (Seongnam)
  11. Kidoh (Seoul, South Korea)
  12. A-Tom (Gwangju, South Korea)
  13. Hansol (Busan, South Korea)

Topp Dogg: The Member’s Ages

The ages of the members of Topp Dogg are as follows:-

  1. Xero (27 years).
  2. Sangwon (25 years).
  3. Hojoon (28 years).
  4. Sangdo (28 years)
  5. B-Joo (27 years).
  6. Jenissi (30 years).
  7. Nakta (28 years).
  8. P-Goon (29 years).
  9. Gohn (29 years).
  10. Seogoong (29 years).
  11. Kidoh (28 years)
  12. A-Tom (26 years).
  13. Hansol:- 28 years.
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Topp Dogg: The Albums

The albums released are one studio album, four extended plays, eight singles, three original soundtracks, and ten music videos.

  1. Studio Album
  • First Street:- The studio album First Street debuted on November 7, 2016. It was released through the company Hunus Entertainment. It is available in the format of compact disks and online downloads. The total sales of this studio album were 4,146 KOR.
  1. Extended plays
  • Dogg’s Out:- The extended play Dogg’s out debuted on October 24, 2013. The sales of this extended play were 2,691 KOR.
  • Dogg’s Out Repackage:- The Dogg’s Out repackage debuted on December 12, 2013. The sales of this extended play were 2,474 KOR.
  • Arario:- The extended play Arario debuted on January 16, 2014. The sales of this extended play were 4,485 KOR.
  • Arario Special Edition Repackage:- The Arario special edition repackages debuted on February 24, 2014. The sales of this extended play were 6,394 KOR.
  • AmadeuS:- The extended play AmadeuS debuted on June 9, 2014. The sales of this extended play were 7,650 KOR.
  • AmadeuS Deluxe Edition Repackage:-  The AmadeuS deluxe edition repackage debuted on August 22, 2014. The sales of this extended play were 3,768 KOR.
  • The Beat:- The extended play The Beat debuted on October 19, 2015. The sales of this extended play were 4,987 KOR.

Topp Dogg: The Best Songs

Some of the best songs released are as follows:-

  • All Eyez on Me (2015)
  • Top Dog (2014)
  • Rainy Day (2016)
  • Fever (2014)
  • Arario (2014)
  • Open the door (2014)
  • Peekaboo (2014)
  • Blind (2016)
  • Follow me (2013)
  • Salieri (2014)
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Topp Dogg

Time to wrap up!

When it comes to Kpop, everyone is familiar with the boy band Topp Dogg as they were highly influential and inspiring during their time and even now. The music they produced was honey to the ears and the well-executed choreographies made them a colossal hit in the world of K-pop.