Through social media sites and the internet, Korean pop bands have become popular in various countries like India, China, Korea, and other Asian countries. The band called 3YE also called the Third eye is one such band. It has gained a lot of popularity in the music and entertainment industry. If you love Korean music and the aesthetics of its environment, then you must have heard about this band. The clothes, accessories, footwear, and everything is amazing and loved by teenagers especially little girls.

3YE debut history

The band 3YE is from Seoul in South Korea. It came into existence on May 21, 2019, and is active since then. It is managed by the label GH entertainment. Mostly this band is in the Korean pop genre. Before this group was formed all the members were associated with the same banner GH entertainment but the group was named Apple B. Their first song as a group was called DMT, an abbreviation for Do Ma Thang. Since then, they have been giving some great hits which reach millions of views around the world.


3YE members

The group has only 3 members. Here is some information about each member of the 3YE band.

  1. Yuji: She has participated in many pop competitions. She leads the band 3YE. Along with it, she is the main vocalist as well as the lead dancer and rapper of the band. She loves belly dancing and urban dancing too. She gave auditions for The Unit and passed them.
  2. Yurim: Her birth name is Park Yu Rim and she is the vocalist and the visual of the band. She plays piano and the best thing about her is her voice. It is charming and very cute.
  3. Haeun: Her birth name is Yoon Ha Eun. She is the main rapper, main dancer, vocalist, and the Maknae of the band. She also gave auditions for The Unit but could not pass them like Yuji. 

3YE members age

We know so much about the members, we must learn about their birthdays and their ages. All the 3 girls of 3YE are stars in the Korean Pop world and very talented.

  • Yuji is 22 years old as of now. Her date of birth is 25 Nov 1998.
  • Park Yurim, is 23 years old. Her date of birth is 13 April 1998.
  • ●       Lastly, Haeun, is also 22 years old. Her date of birth is 12 March 1999.

3YE album

The band 3YE released an album called the Triangle in 2020. It is an episode with many songs under it. It is a mini-album which released in June 2020. The title track of this album was Yessir.

3YE album 1

3YE songs list

You can check out their official YouTube account for the videos of albums sung by them and dances that they upload. They have uploaded many dance covers as well. Like the Indian song Dilbar which was sung by Neha Kakkar. They have uploaded a dance cover on it as well. Below is a list of their songs.

  • OOMM
  • DMT
  • ON AIR
  • Only you don’t know
  • Like this summer
  • Intro
  • Stay with me
  • Mad love
  • Women like me
  • DMT
  • Bad guy
  • DMT audio teaser

These are all of their hit songs. You must check out their songs and videos to have fun. You will surely fall in love with their voice.

3YE merches

3YE is a very popular band in Korea and is gaining game in other countries as well, especially among the youth. If you are interested to buy their merches online, then you can visit the Korean Pop site. There you will find multiple accessories and clothes and various other things to modify your room. It can be posters as well as CD players. They kind of idolize the members like Haeun. You should check it out.

3YE shop

Their merches are available in online shops. You must check it out. You can also tell your friends about it. You all can dress like them and maybe get inspired to form your band.