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K-pop songs are always best in their ways. These songs are always loved by the fans. Teams like AA have gained popularity for a long time. Even though they are inactive for some years, their songs are heard now also. Because of their uniqueness in creating the songs, they are famous in all ways.

A fantastic team called AA

They have a fan base. They are so good that their work is lovely and they also have a good fan base. Their things and ideas are always the best. Their contents are best.

So here is information about some stars who have a huge fan base and are recognised for their beautiful talents. They are the ones who are always excellent. These band is fantastic not just in singing, but even in presentation. They present themselves very well. They dress well and sing well, which is a favorite for most people.

AA Debut  

Their albums are so good that almost everyone loves them. Their debut was also famous since then. One of their songs and their first song So crazy went viral worldwide fantastically, and many people loved their team which was excellent for the songs. In 2011 one of their famous debuts single, “so crazy,” was quite prominent. They were the best, and they were active till 2017.

AA Members

A team with the best experience and the best way of getting good music is heating to the songs composed and done by these people. They are so good that every one of us will love them. Their team members include Woosang, Hoik, Joowon, Jinhong, Kimchi, and Aoora. They made their debut in the year 2011 and later in 2017, they became inactive. When they had become stagnant, most of their fans opposed it. But still, they stopped giving live concerts and stopped singing.

AA Ages

Their fans also started to copy them in every possible way, and also their fans liked their look very well. They are always copying their favorite teams. Therefore, many brands came in their name and started to sell the same kinds of things they have and which the teams wear.



AA Albums 

It contains everything that is needed for a music lover. Best songs with the best kinds of beats can be found in their albums. They are of such a good kind that everyone will love them. Most of their fans love their songs and albums because of the creativity that will be there in their songs. They are inactive since 2017, which is a piece of bad news for most people. But still, they are a fan of the AA. Because their songs constantly buzz into their minds. Some of the albums are listed below:

  • Cause I’m Crazy

AA Songs

Their collection of albums and songs is always the best. In 2013 they released their second album, which was too good. Their songs were always the best. The tunes are good and albums are best. They have given some best albums to date. Various best albums can be found, and their songs are also best in their way. These songs are so good that everyone will like them.

Also, some of their songs are given below:

  • Midnight Taxi
  • So Crazy
  • Somebody that I used to know
  • 2nite 3x

AA Merchandise 

This band is one of those which have gained popularity in recent times. They have the best teams who gave the best songs and albums for the music lovers. One of the best ways to understand them is by researching. Their brands have got an excellent response from the public. They have got everything that is needed for customers. 

AA Shops

So AA is one of the top bands that can be found. Various shops sell the things that AA will wear, and their items are so good that almost every one of us will love them. Most of their fans get these kinds of stuff even though it’s costly. It shows how much excitement the music and the band ring for them. So if you are a true AA band fan, get your merchandise to showcase your love for your band.