Kpop continues to leave its mark in the hearts of people around the globe. The way was paved by big groups in the industry. One of such groups in April. Now, even new groups can get a lot of loyal fans. Some groups are even followed by people even before their official debut.

April debut

The kpop group April debuted in the year 2015 on 24 August. It debuted under a company known by the name of DSP Media. It started its journey in the industry with its track called ‘Dream Candy’. The track indeed proved to be a dream for the people of the world. The amazing vocals and lyrics captured the attention of a lot of people.

April members


The group has a total of 6 members. Each member is assigned a different position in terms of the group lineup.

  • Yoon Chae Kyung- She is the leader of the group and helps keep the group together. She also functions as the vocalist of the group.
  • Kim Chae Won- She is the main vocalist of the group and goes by the stage name Chaewon. She also raps in some songs produced by the members.
  • Lee Na Eun- She is the visual of the group and pretty much specializes in everything. She has also acted in different Korean dramas and web series.
  • Yang Ye Na- She is the main dancer of the group and is often seen in dance breaks. She is the lead rapper and has also worked as an MC for different shows.
  • Sung Na Yeon- She is known by her stage name Rachel and is the lead dancer. She is good at both rapping and vocals. She also specializes in different dance forms like ballet.
  • Lee Jin Sol- She is the maknae of the group and the lead vocalist. She is the face behind the high notes in many of their songs. She has also acted in web dramas.
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April ages

The current ages of the members are given here. The ages are according to the international system.

  • Yoon Chae Kyung- (born in 1996)
  • Kim Chae Won- (born in 1997)
  • Lee Na Eun- (born in 1999)
  • Yang Ye Na- (born in 2000)
  • Sung Na Yeon- (born in 2000)
  • Lee Jin Sol- (born in 2001)

April albums


The group has worked on different albums. Each of these albums had a different concept. These albums dip it, however, style their style is. Each album has a different number of tracks. Different kinds of these albums were released in different years starting from their debut. The group is still going strong and continues to gather more fans.

  • Dreaming- 2015
  • Spring- 2016
  • Prelude- 2017
  • Eternity- 2017
  • The Ruby- 2018
  • The Blue- 2018
  • Da Capo- 2020

April songs

The group has produced more than 30 songs to date. Apart from songs in their albums, they have also produced soundtracks for Korean dramas. The group produced a song instrumental for the drama My Strange Hero. They also produced another instrumental for the drama Extraordinary You’. This was the drama in which one of the members acted as well. They have produced eleven singles apart from their album songs. The music videos have been produced for ten of their songs. Some of their most popular songs are listed here.

  • Snowman
  • Muah!
  • April Story
  • Take my hand
  • Tinkerbell
  • Mayday

April merch

Being a fan of a band is all about collecting their merchandise. This merch may range from fashion accessories to small things like key chains. The purchasing of these merges largely depends on an individual’s budget. Nowadays, a lot of platforms are offering budget-friendly options. These make fans very happy with the services and cause them to buy even more. Being able to buy merch of groups like April is a fortune.

April shop

Nowadays, kpop merch is available for people all around the world. This has made it possible for fans to have their favorite merch. This merch is available in a variety of colors and designs. Now, even the size range of the fashion products is being expanded. This is to maximize the dates of the group to loyal fans. April merch is always the first choice of fans from different countries.