Around 1997, Baby V.O.X, a Korean K-pop band, was created. Including S.E.S as well as Fin. K.L, individuals are regarded as among the most renowned “first generations” K-pop female singers of the 1990s and in the early 2000s, and are among the groups at just the vanguard of the Korean Culture, actually breaking into another China economy. The band split in 2006 after seven album tracks.

Baby V.O.X. debut

Kim, Lee jin, Hyun-jeon, Yu-mi, as well as Jung Zhang formed Baby V.O.X in 1997 as little more than a five-member team. New Haircut became their initial song, extracted from the record Equalizeher, published on Jul 10 in 1997, this group’s approach was influenced by the Spice bands; however, their debut album failed to owe its provocative premise. Yumi was wounded during the performance, so Miyoun took her place. Famous groups including S.E.S. as well as Fin. K.L had a much more humble and adorable look, which the group embraced.

The track “Ya Ya,” from record Baby V.O.X 2, was a hit, peaking at number 7 on K – pop rankings. These were accompanied by “Change,” the second album. Lee Gai was fired from DR Music after the publication because she’d been misrepresenting the age. Despite her childhood nickname Lee Jung, she started her career with the trio Setorae almost ten years ago.

Baby V.O.X


Members of the final group

  • Kim E-Z (1997 to 2006) was a rapper and a leader.
  • Lee Jin was the lead vocalist from 1997 to 2006.
  • Sub vocalist Shim Jin (1998 to 2004)
  • Mi-Youn was the lead vocalist from 1997 to 2006.
  • Sub vocalist Yoon Hye (1999 to 2005)

Baby V.O.X albums

  • Equilibrate her (Voice of expression) – On Jul 10 in 1997, the film was released. DR Music is the label for this album.
  • Launched on September 15 in 1998, Baby V.O.X. II is a sequel to Baby V.O.X. DR Music is the label for this album.
  • Baby, please come in. – On July 21 in 1999, the film was released. DR Music is the label for this album.
  • Why – DR Music launched it on May 15 in 2000.
  • Story of a young boy – DR Music published it on June 4 in 2001.
  • Devotion was first released on April 3 in 2003. – DR Music is the label for this album.
  • Westward Ho! – Date of Publication: March 18 in 2004. DR Music is the label for this album.

Baby V.O.X songs

Baby VOX dominated the Chinese music market via I’m Always Cherishing you, came in third with (Whatever Do I Have to do), and came in fourth with much the same tune in Thailand. Furthermore, the album has received 200,000+ which was before in China and 120,000+ in Thailand, for a maximum of 400,000 from before the plus music sales in S.korea exclusively (210,000+) for a cumulative of 610,000+ music album purchases.

Baby V.O.X

Baby V.O.X merch

Baby V.O.X. produced several performances on television shows in the decades that followed. People began advertising themselves globally after the accomplishment of the latest album, encompassing China, Japan, and some other South Asian nations.

It maintains its popularity by incorporating powerful storytelling into many of its songs as well as television shows. This is its main strategy for baby V.O.X merch. Their distinctive, flamboyant, but eye-popping characteristics of the band are quite well. K-pop artists, as well as “idols” as they are nicknamed in Asia, have such a talent for distinguishing out from the crowd as well as pushing the boundaries of consciousness. If you are going to collect various k-pop bands, baby v.o.x merch must be on your list.                                                                                        

Baby V.O.X shop

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