Bebe6 was originally formed as a three-member K-pop girl group by the K12 company. Their debut single “Shot Me” was released on Aug 10, 2017. The group hass broken up and has been inactive for quite a while now, since 2019, to be precise.



Bebe6 members

Kim Bokyung

Stage name: Rena

Rena was born in Busan, South Korea. She likes exercising and music. She has a major in Practical Music at Dong-a University.

Song Bomi

Stage name: Bomah

Bomah is originally from Andong, South Korea. She likes choreography and is an alumnus of Suwon University.

Lee Jiyeon

Stage name: Lia

Lia was born in Geosang, South Korea. She likes music composition and has been an alumnus of Inmyung Girls’ High School.

Park Shin Young

Stage name: Yoonseul

Park was born in the Korean capital Seoul. She attended the Imea High School and likes listening to classical music.

Son Jiyoung

Stage name: Pure

Jiyoung is rumored to have left the band quickly after their first album “Shot Me” promotions.

Shin Arin

Stage name: Arin

Arin is originally from Suncheon, Korea, and she also has her twin sister Hyerin in the group. Both of them left the band after the promotions of “Some Night.”

Shin Hyerin

Stage name: Hyerin

Hyerin, like her sister Arin, is from Suncheon. Both of them attended the Suncheon Electronics High School. She left alongside her sister after one of their titles’ promotions.

Bebe6 ages

Here are the ages of all the former band members of the band Bebe6.

  • Kim Bokyung: Age: 29
  • Song Bomi Age: 27
  • Lee Jiyeon: Age: 27
  • Park Shin Young: Age: 25
  • Son Jiyoung: Age: 27
  • Shin Arin: Age: 22
  • Shin Hyerin Age: 22


Bebe6 albums

Here are all the albums released by the short-lived band Bebe6:

  • Blue Some (released in 2019)
  • Shot Me (released in 2017)
  • Back To The Future (released in 2018)
  • Promise You (released in 2018)

Bebe6 songs

Blue Some album

The album was released in 2019, and the title track of the album was “Some Night.” Here are all the songs on the album:

  • Some Night (title length: 3:22)
  • Can’t Stop music (title length: 3:14)
  • I Love You (title length: 4:16)
  • Promise You (Remix) (title length: 2:59)
  • Some Night (Inst.) (title length: 3:24)
  • Can’t Stop Music (Inst) (title length: 3:16)

Bebe6 merch

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